Wrap 2022 Eurovision up

Let me start to say that yesterday we witnessed Eurovision going 10 years back in it’s evolution. Nothing, NOTHING, can make me believe that so many people in Europe and Australia actually thought Ukraine was the best song on the night. I am sure there are people who voted for it cause they loved it, but seriously?

Add that 6 countries votes was DQ:d and replaced with algorithms on usual voting patterns, Eurovision 2022 turns out to be a huge fail. And three real good songs ended up 2, 3 and 4 behind Ukraine. I just felt so tiered, and I am happy that it is a year until the next Eurovision. In Ukraine if you believe their President correctly. He aim to host, as if singers will go there.

And today we can also add that I hardly can walk, my left hip feel like it’s been crushed into pebbles, hurts like hell. The body is falling apart. Shit old. And watched a documentary on Netflix on growing older, and someone said the perfect thing “You don’t get wiser, you only get tiered”. I sign that statement.

So that’s it