Monday, but at the same time Friday, last day at work before Christmas leave, and then not coming back before the 4th of January… Take it in, almost a complete vacation period… Just staycation in bed more or less. I do need to sleep and rest.

But you can’t be happy for more than a short amount of time, I did seriously thought I would be in the office open space on my own today, but oh no. And of course it’s the “Turn the heat” off and “no music” people who arrived first. Not as relaxing as I thought.

But again, last day!


Yeah, Laila is still with me

Laila (my bike) is still with me in the morning going to work, but after a few days with minus degrees it start to get cumbersome to be honest. Look forward to come to work not covered in ice, or when no minus degrees, covered in rain.

I also need to leave Laila for a check up, a winter check up, at the bike garage. Never made a winter check up on any bike I have owned to be honest. Only spring check.

TGIF today though, also only 2 work days (today included) before vacation. A staycation.

Take care


The hellish time of Office Christmas party’s

Today we have 2 Christmas celebrations at work, yesterday there was another. So 3 x Christmas in one week!, at work!… Seriously? Three times to try to find a way out of the madness! No I don’t think Christmas food is delicious, I do not eat that much sugar, I do not drink alcohol if I’m not free they day after and “thanks” for the Christmas gift, often food I don’t eat.

The horror!


13th is over for 2022

The 13th of December, Lucia in Sweden, is over for 2022. A fantastic day until a “almost” fight with an idiot at a bar where I took a beer after the Lucia celebration at the Swedish Church in Paris.

I do not fight, I can’t fight to be honest, and I am nice up until a point. Unfortunately when that line is passed I turn to not be a nice boy, word wise.

But I made it and now I can remember this evening as a good Lucia day.