Not often I rush to work to turn BBC 2 on, but this happened today. Why? Cause of the release, and first airplay of Agnetha Fältskogs new single, “Where do we go from here”. All topped with an interview with Agnetha, made by the brilliant Zoe Ball.

Amazing 15 minutes, fantastic new song. For sure a Autumn anthem 2023, the soundtrack to this cold, dark times we have ahead of us. And how it will make it easier to live through.

Big love.

And the single cover:

And no, I don’t know who to credit for the photos, so if needed I will take them out. But for right now, I upload them.

Enjoy Agnetha today!


More and more people

So, meet a co-worker who, in some kind of ecstasy, announced that “So much people coming back from their vacation, such fun”, (she did not say “such fun” but… you know… “Miranda”).

Fun? Not at all, it’s a nightmare to be thrown back to fights about the air conditioner, music no more, people screaming when on online meetings and nowhere to hide for a few minutes if “just me” time, well needed to keep sane.

And remember that the French talks “All the time” (if they don’t eat). This is why I should not be in the office open space.


Day 2

Second day this week, and the first meeting day. First online fun out of three this week. Most of them most likely to be Meetings supposed to be an email. And even if I just think it is the outcome, it’s not boost my energy level, currently set on “0”.

And now it’s nose dripping cold in the mornings, and still hot as hell going back home. So the selection of options is, get cold in the morning, or sweat like a wildebeest going back home.

In any case, more cars out today. And then add people who decided to buy a bike during their vacation, and now new on the streets of Paris. Can’t put the brain in sleep mood anymore, when going to work.

Take care,


A weekend past

As all weekends this one pasted really fast. And I am back at work, I guess this week will be the big rentrèe at the office. So no more calm moments, no more music and to be honest… No more fun for a while.

That said, Claire Richards released her “Euphoria” album at the end of last week, and I really had hopes for it to be the new “Fabulous” album (by Sheena Easton), and go all in as the pre-party album. But so far none of the tracks knocked me out. Do not misunderstand, it’s not a bad album in any meaning of the word, but the “oumpf” is missing. But also, not been listen to it in full yet, just some of the tracks.


A new TGIF, fun or not?

It’s like pushing a button, and whoops cars are back on the streets of Paris. Early hours! People want to go home early, cause it is TGIF. You can also see it’s an weekend coming up, cause it’s cold and rainy out. Maybe I should be happy, because I want to sit at home in my robe and watch the World Athletics Championships from Hungary. Something which will be a nightmare if the weather is lovely outside.

That said, not much planned for this weekend, apart from fighting the urge to eat something fat and yummie, after a week of just sallad, sallad and more sallad. But I must tight up the diet at the moment. Still don’t know why I gain weight when I diet and increased the gym time.

So, let’s jump into the music stats for the past week, the “Friday to Friday” charts:

Most played songs:

Most played albums:

And most played performers:

So we stop there, and I wish you all a nice weekend, and don’t be “good”.


Hump day

We have reached the point when we passed 50% of hell, and have 50% hell left to suffer through… The Hump day. And we start with the sad news, Toto Cutugno passed away yesterday. He participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 1990 (Not my favorite then, but far from bad), and won the contest with an today iconic ESC winner, “Insieme: 1992”. RIP Toto.

And talking Eurovision, this chart show how many 12 points each country got this year, 2023, from jury and televotes. Note that the winner, Sweden, did not any 12s from the public vote. This was a jury win.

Other strange things, Austria did not get any 12s from the Public. A typical “Televote” song. Poland received only obe 12 from the public. It was a strange vote year.

With that, over and out.


When we think of Lena Philipsson

Kind of the only thing in my mind at the moment, Lena Philipsson and “It hurts”!

I have no idea what I have done, but my left leg is from now on not a leg, it is some kind of not useful appendage. I can’t lean on it, I can’t walk without screaming, cause it hurt so bad. If this won’t pass soon I must see a doctor and when done I guess a hip replacement is at the horizon. Again a treat running in the family.

But I do not try to skip the workouts, even if it is painful. So I reached 1000 reached goals today.

And todays photo is the Paris sky this morning.