Oh Agnetha

First of all, Agnethas new single “Where do we go from here” reached #1 Sweden, #1 UK #1 Netherlands #2 Latvia #2 Norway #3 Germany #3 Switzerland #4 Finland #4 Hungary and #4 Israel. After 1 day. Amazing, and it is a bit what happened in my own little country (a.k.a. my apartment) as well. I will return to that.

It is TGIF today, and of course weather is undecided. Going out to smoke, I have already meet rain, storm and sunny and really warm weather. So it’s not easy to decide if the evening will be on the couch, at the closest terrace or out for a night of “rajj-rajj”. We will see where it all ends up. Friday’s weight in on the home scale might also decide for me.

So, this page new tradition, music charts from my Spotify, under the headline “Friday to Friday”, a week’s listening. So let’s start with the most played songs, since Agnetha made it to #1 in one day. I don’t know yet if it’s enough to even score a top 40 on my “Most Played August” list, but when I know I will tell ya.

Most played songs, Friday to Friday, this week:

Most play’s artists, Friday to Friday, this week:

And finally, albums, Friday to Friday, this week:

This statistics program for Spotify (cause all this is Spotify plays, the 40 Most played in August is from iTunes) is fun. Not exact, cause cover pictures not always correct, and if an artist release a song “feat” another artist both are counted separately, which is annoying. Cause all of a sudden someone named “Pink Lola” might have 40 streams that week, and I, and you, have no idea who that is.

Have a nice TGIF now, and remember: Wine is grown up candy.