New week,

and more panic… Or something. I have no idea what is happening in the world. Today I learned that HEETS Blue will be cancelled in France. Not a good thing, cause the alternatives is actually not that good to “smoke”. And still no date for the new IQOS system, that now is the “normal” in the rest of Europe, but not in France.

We also wait for the instructions on the upcoming World Championships in Rugby, that will start this week. The Place de la Concorde will be the place for the “Rugby Village” and game days might be tough to get to work. So… Not the best of times ahead.

I also keep my head under my arm and forget things I seriously should not forget.

That said, feel free to use Open Spotify for the “Most played in August” playlist. You find it here.

And tomorrow I might publish the June-Aug, summer 2023, most played here as well. So far only at “X”.