28th of October – TGIF and departures

Arrived to work later than expected, I don’t know why I lingered around at home for so long, but shit happens. This TGIF is also the day when Mother Nature decided to kill of one of her children, that’s me.

First a fall down the stairs at the gym, then for some reason the pedals on my bike got stuck when leading it from the bike parking out on the street and pushing it made the pedal hit my knee so bad that I could not bend my leg at all. Needed to hit the back of the knee to “unlock” it – it still hurts on a kidney stone scale.

Add a bike ride to work mostly wrestling with the child abduction vans on Rue Legendre. The vans, wider than the street, is everywhere in Paris, and when on a narrow road it’s a nightmare. And why are they so popular in France and Belgium. Whats wrong with people?

But apart from that, it is TGIF – a bit sad TGIF… Two colleagues leave work today, and soon it’s time to train another intern. All in the middle of Conference preps.


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