New Morning and new test result…

So one more week, and the fact that I’m most likely to be the most tested person in the world kind of just rolls on and on.

But beside that the fun fact in April 2021 is that Greta is 18, Greta is an adult person and yesterday she was the guest on woke media (Public service or main stream media) to talk about the climate (chocker). At the same time she revealed what her nice parents gave her on her birthday, of course after a speech on the fact she asked for no “new” things.

Greta Thunberg on Public Service Radio 2021 04 12 – picture from P3 Instagram

So, note that she, this grown up person against all kind of plastic got plastic bubble wrap and brussels sprouts on her birthday, the 18th birthday. To see this interview is painful… And this is the person millions of people, leaders included, listen too. Or pretend to listen too most likely. This girl is not mentally sane.

But still, Plastic? Really? First shame plastic bags in supermarkets and go home and play with bubble wrap?

Think about it and have a nice day


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