4th semi over, #Melfest

So Sweden reached the end of this years Melodifestivalen semi finals, and the 7 last songs been presented. SO next week it’s time for the second chance contest (all songs ending 3 and 4 compete for the last 4 spots in the final) and then the week after the Grand Finale.

So how was yesterdays 7 songs?

Frida Öhrn – “We are one”, not my cup of thé. Feels a bit dated ans might have worked as an Eurovision Entry in the 90s.

William Stridh – “Molnljus”, William supposed to attract the young girls votes made a good job doing that (I guess) cause he ended up on 5th place. The song felt strange but it might grow on you. We will see.

Nanne – “Carpool Karaoke”, a strange song. More rock than Nannes usually present in Melodifestivalen but at the end at least a song, a melody. But I am surprised that she was allowed to compete since rules say no brands allowed, and “Carpool Karaoke” is both a TVshow (not aired on SVT) and a brand. So if she had won the selection how would EBU looked at this? Most likely approved of it with the strong connections between Eurovision and Sweden.

Victor Crone – “Trouble waters”, Victor competed in Melfest a few years ago and in Eurovision last year but for Estonia. His song this year is really a part two of his Estonian entry and 100% expected. The only thing to discuss here are the fact that Victor is, what we would say in Sweden, “grabbig”. More or less translated into English as “Laddish”. His appearance is to cis man that it’s hard to believe it’s not an act. Nothing wrong but fun to watch.

Ellen & Simon – “Surface”, Undecided if I like it or not, its a ballad, a duett with two amazing voices, but somethings off. I don’t know what.

Jakob Karlberg – “Om du tror att jag saknar dig”, Today only one day after the contest yesterday I don’t remember a thing about this song, and that is not good sign. I do remember his hair though, and the guitar changing colors. But this is a song contest so I think you are supposed to remember the song.

Hanna Ferm – “Brave”, This is a hard one… I do not particular like Hanna as a singer, she seems to me (without ever meet her so I can be 100% wrong) like a snotty person. And I do not give much for all the people try to convince us that her voice is amazing. She is not an awful singer but far from amazing, very mediocre. But no one can take away that she has the song this year. An amazing little pop tune which stick with you like glue, so good for her. But she still look and sounds like any female formar East state countries in Eurovision. She could be Ukrainian, Polish, Azeri, Armenian or Georgian. Plastic is my choice of word.

But at the end Hanna and Victor was sent to the final so now we can start to listen to songs still in the race, and after next Saturday I will turn my books to zero again and see if there is any adjustments needed on my list. But for now I think Hanna Ferm have the best Eurovision song, not necessary my favorite but for Eurovision, slam dunk.


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