The latest opinion poll result shown a 60% support for the French Governments vaccine pass (the health pass), and a 40% against. And even in minority the 40% succeeds to cause trouble by, in a very French way, demonstrate, riot and of course make things worse.

And I really want to put them in a room and discuss why they are against the health pass. Just like the Yellow wests they gather different opinions and most likely don’t like the reasons to be against from some of the other groups.

So we see pure antivaxxers (for some reason vaccines are ONLY dangerous in their eyes), we have the 5G people, who thinks the vaccine will connect to 5G and give Governments a tool to control the people, of course we also have the group who always demonstrate cause they want to and are in to destroy things and riot. And there are more reasons, all under same flag, “we don’t want the vaccine”.

Today I even heard that someone compared the vaccine against Covid too “The pandemic of domestic violence”, and no sanctions is imposed cause of that… Seriously?

To not take the vaccine is a choice, it’s your own decision and if you don’t you can’t do a lot of things. The only group I have some sympathy for is the care givers who might loose their jobs if they don’t take the vaccine. But even here I am split, cause in my world, if anyone working within any profession taking care of people, should not even think twice to make it as safe as possible for them they are there to care for.

The, in real Swedish, “Foliehattarna” (foil hats) I have no word for, to be honest the world will be better without you, even if I don’t support or hope that anyone dies caused by the Delta or “normal” Covid.

So why this blogpost? Cause I wish, for once, that the supporters of something could take the streets and show support, not only make it look like everyone is against something. It’s a very French thing I never will understand, strikes, demonstrations etc.

So please, take that jab now, and remember it takes more than a while before you are considered as fully vaccinated. So do it now. Before the next lockdown – it will come, for sure. And maybe the health pass is the free pass to now be locked in…


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