“8 Rue de l’Humanite”

“Stuck together” or the French original title “8 Rue de l’Humanite” is now on Netflix and what to say? For Eurovision fans you find Tom Leeb, and a group of other famous French actors, or not famous as well.

And why am I pushing for it? Is it that good? Not really, but it is 90 minutes of family entertainment. You have jokes for grown ups, slap stick for kids etc etc.

It is a small bagatelle worth watching when your Netflix alternatives is no more – and I’m there right now. Seriously seen everything that interest me the slightest.

Another thing! I finally downloaded Amanda Lears new album, released on the 22nd of October 2021, “Tuberose”.

“Tuberose” Amanda Lear, album 2021. Album cover photo.

When I bought my first Amanda Lear album in 1977 (or.. bought? I needed to put it on my Christmas list, and Santa listened even if the top less poster inside was a bit too much according to some people), who would even think that in 2021 she still release records. In this case, no, not another Disco one, this is very lounge, and very still. Very nice to be honest, even if it’s not a song you put on at your next party. The day after the party though…, morning, coffee, wrapped in a warm fluffy cosy robe and let Amanda take care of your hangover. And the album cover is amazing.

All for today


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