9th week locked in

What have I learned from this? Not much really, no news… I still think my more introvert personality makes it easier to survive in a situation like this.

But staying home for a long time you notice things at home you might like to change…. My list so far

  1. New iPhone, this is actually a silly thing but I realize that my first mobile strategy actually is true… A new mobile phone every second year. Mine is now ready to be displayed with Dinosaurs at a museum.
  2. I need a new workbench in the kitchen, and at the same time change the sink.
  3. I really have to save money to finally get the last steps done in my dental work, no more temporary work. But it’s so expensive!!!
  4. I really want a new iPad, but its not like my life will end if I have to live with the one I have for 2 more years.
  5. The micro must be changed, it never worked (my fault to not check it when I moved in) but it have to work if I decide to move.

I also need to oil the floors for real, I mean grinding the floors and oil them, and a new shower cabin would be nice, but I do not own the apartment so I don’t want to pay for that.


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