A complete day

A day off, to do all the things I normally don’t manage to do during the week, and guess what… Not much done today either.. Even if I set the alarm early and actually raised from the land of dreams in good time my mind told me: “You are free, don+t stress”. And with a brain with that attitude the time all of a sudden is closer to lunch time than breakfast.

But I managed to get out of the sweat pants and walk to a hair salon and get a hair cut, very needed, I looked more like Bob Marley than myself at the time so it was a nice thing to be normal again. But when the hair dresser asked: “Are you sure don’t want me to trim your nose hair at the same time as your eyebrows and ears” I think he stepped over a border of intimacy. Ears and eye brows is OK, but I said no to the nose hair. Home at last I checked and it was not a war zone in there. But, I admit to not trimmed in two weeks so he might have had a point even if I won’t admit to it without a few glasses of Champagne.

But I did not walk to the Swedish shop today to buy ostbågar so I am ready for next weekends start of Melodifestivalen. 6 Saturdays in a row, home watching the show and drink Casal Garcia. With or without friends, future will tell.

Have a Nice Weekend people


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