A day inside

Yes, again… A day inside. TV, TV and TV waiting for the mail to be delivered (two packages from Sweden on its way and I hope for them to be delivered this week) – and end the evening with some wine watching Eurovision. Tonight the final from Moscow.

This is actually my life now. Waiting for the “France opening up” decision from President Macron.

In all this I thought I could make my friends laugh a bit and made a short video based on the mask to wear outside. OK, it was a silly, not well produced (for heavens sake Im not an hot influencer) and just for fun. So I was extremely surprised over the reactions on the Facebook page where I posted it.

People I know, either laughed or at least smiled, but people on Facebook I don’t know… What about this comment: “Björn Nordlund jag upplever dig mest som en patetisk rest från det förflutna.” translation: “I see you most as a pathetic remnant of the past.

Seriously? From someone I don’t even know. Whats wrong with people? And looking at this person and her Instagram and Twitter page we talk about a women 34 years old, unfortunately born on the same date as my mother, whom feel the need to without any reason just tell me this.

I hope it is frustration over being locked in talking.

But this is the world we live in today.


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