A day off

Yesterday turned out to not as I expected. First of all I am still not finished at work with catching up among all paperwork I expected to do during the week. So at least one day next week must be dedicated to the same stuff.

But I also left work with a feeling that now it’s enough, I can’t go on repeating the same things over and over… Yea, we all have those days at work, but it’s not good for the mental health… No, I’m not crazy, just tiered. So welcome a day off.

60 minutes at the gym also passed, and today I will go there earlier. No QR code check for vaccine though, my gym will start the 1st of August.

Also, 2021, Myléne seems to go all in… New Greatest hits in August, and now this:

Kind of saved the day, who can be angry knowing this?


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