A lot of firsts after lock down today

A lot of first times today, first of all the surprise that you now can enter the bus from the front doors and the protections for the driver is gone. I did not know that so I went on the bus through the back door, and cause of that needed to pass through the bus to get to the ticket machine.

Next first after lock down was me going down town. I had a lot of stuff to do, but I can already now tell you not everything been done.

I went to FNAC St Lazare to buy 3 things. The new season box of Murder in Paradise, the new season of “Midsomer Murders” released last week and a new wristband for my iWatch (the old, as well as the first, broke last week). I came home with the new season of “Midsomer murders” everything else out of stock or not on sale.

But its Midsummer (not only Midsomer murders) so what else, a Swedish advert in the Metro…

Take care


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