A lot of new people

In one and the same day it was a invasion of new people at work, staring now in March and soon will I also have a new neighbor at the desk next to mine and it start again. Yes you know if you studies psychology in school that when a new person is introduced into a group the group dynamic change and it’s time to find your place in a new work environment. C´est la vie.

And Paris continue to follow the “finally winter” feeling, finally said with all the sarcasm you can imagen. It’s cold and it is raining and in the middle of it all people run around and think they will stop the Corona virus by the over use of hand alcohol. As if.

Together with the news that if we travel in countries with Corona outbreaks (yes there is a list) we have to stay at home for 14 days and work from home. And this coming from a working place whom could not allow us to work from home during the worst days of the strike here in Paris. Talking 2, 3 days… But now 14 days is “no problem”. By the way, the incubation period for Corona is 3 days… So 14?

Yes, Im grumpy.

Have a nice day folks


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