A new subject

Never written anything like this before here but today I listen to a podcast. A podcast about the “adventurer” Mr Kropp. Can’t stop thinking how different we are as human beings.

The podcast used the phrase “adventurer” as it is a title, and I were only able to think what a stupid fu** that guy were, not at all a hero in my eyes just a crazy, ignorant man with a huge ego.

But the most interesting thing was the guy who wrote the book about him.

David Lagercrantz, how he loved everything about Göran Kropp that I really hated about the same guy. Listen to Lagercrantz, his complete surrender to this maniac is fascinating.

I am sorry to say the podcast is in Swedish, so most people reading this might not understand but even if you never heard Swedish before you can hear how Lagercrantz go from neutral to ecstatic every time he speaks in the podcast. It’s fascinating.

But as I always said, in a way I admire everyone who 100% nerd in on a subject, so maybe… I might have liked Göran Kropp.


The podcast, here.

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