A new week…

… and still far from TGIF.

Looking at my colleagues dropping in, as you all know by now I do my workout before work, so I have no alone time at the office. And the main task for my co workers, every morning is 1 hour of “what am I eating for lunch” discussions and delivery ordering. Must be the most French thing ever.

And Paris is getting colder. Even if the rain risk looks a bit more bright, I might be able to bike tomorrow as well. IF I’m not selected to have a out of office meeting in the afternoon. I hope not, cause it’s not in my calendar. But I have to know before I leave today. Suit or no suit is the question. Suit up? Means no biking.

Last weeks worst figure for Covid:

Actually the highest figure for a while. I wonder if we will see the same increase in new cases 2021, as we did last year over autumn and winter 2020 – even if the vaccine rate is higher now. But they do talk about the third shot for some of the vaccines, nothing on Astra Z yet though.


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