A step back to Corona life

Two countries, and two different happenings this week. Switzerland about th tell the world that Corona is completely gone from the country and Portugal must take one step back and go close down some parts of the country again. And here in France we wait for the decision bz Macron on opening up.

I guess the next info in France will be no more work from home, and me I will wait for the decision by my doctor on Monday. Cause I am still not scared to be in the office, even if I don’t want to work with parents now when schools opened up. But it’s still the commute that stress me out, cause it is obvious that people travel by Ligne 13 not the sharpest knifes. Lack of distance and masks is alarming on that Metro line.

And that said no I have not been out more than necessary even if I am allowed now to do so. No Restaurants, no bars just one visit to FNAC no interaction with people.

So, no social life and no colleagues with kids around me please…


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