AC War 2022

Been a while now since the AC war was on, but now we are there again. The “fun” of “Open office space” solution, the AC war in summer (and the smaller conflict area of heating in winter). The AC war during summer is on the edge of people actually stop speaking to each other, or screaming things over their screens.

Me who is a AC on/off, off/on, on/off kind of person want the AC to be on until the room is really cold, on the edge of too cold. Then we have “oh I’m freezing, it’s 25 degrees inside” staff members as well as the ones looking like they took a quick bath with their clothes on, a.k.a. they sweat! A lot!!

For some reason it’s always the “I am a freezing baby” group that wins… Which make no sense, cause it’s easier to put on a sweater if you cold, if you compare it to take clothes off if you are too hot.

The type of conflict is a bit like the “music or no music” conflict. That one is easier to solve cause just put your headphones on and you decide yourself. The only risk is that someone tells you something and you miss it cause you have your music blasting.

And for you who wonder… I did workout with Macron this morning.

Macron and I at the gym.


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