Like the old Aztec population we fall to the ground on our knees and praise the su… No not the sun, the Air Conditioner! It’s working again in the office open space. My apartment is still like a moist sauna, but I know now that won’t change until October.

And then Sweden… The Swedish Foreign Minister now signed the application for Sweden to join NATO and Sweden kind of forgot about this cause it’s population all went “WOW, she can write” – But there is no evidence that she did sign with a pen, she might just have put her thumb print on the application.

And yes, she is from the Social democrat party, so no one is surprised that she up until one week ago looked at NATO as the worst thing anyone could join and be a member of. NATO was Lucifer. But now it is the best thing ever and also as always the application comes with the Social democratic standard explanation to all their change of mind, “Deep inside the social democrats always wanted Sweden to join NATO”.

Ann Linde, Swedens Foreign Minister proves that she can write by signing the Swedish NATO application, at least we hope that is what that is, cause we can’t be sure she can read.

Today I also like to throw in some Swedish, cause it is so true and it is SO me… If anyone wonder about the reason why I sometimes must leave a room when I’m angry – it’s only to not say something I most likely will regret and never would have said in a normal situation.

When the truth can’t be spelled out in a better way.


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