Again a day inside

Even if I actually had set my alarm on “early morning” to be able to do something during the day I stayed inside. OK it’s been a lovely day, a chance to get some sun… But as you know one of the few things I miss with Sweden is how easy you can get to a beach, or lake side. Wherever you live in Stockholm the seaside or a lake is close. A place to place a towel and get some sun. Paris has it’s lovely parks but they are not designed to strip down to your trunks and lay in sun to get a tan. And also overcrowded.

So, hours went by and now writing this the time is 20h15 and I look forward to a new work week starting tomorrow. Still be working from home and try to figure out the not so equivalent information coming from HR on how to work the week after. The initial info is not the same as the one sent on Friday and the only thing I want to know is what info is the correct one (it is about working hours during the opening of Paris and the office).

As a Swede you kind of want to do right, I know it is something in the DNA.

Take care and have fun


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