Also a way to start the day

Otrivin, perfect most of the time when you have a beginning cold. In this case a man-cold from hell of course. Women talk about giving birth, they have no idea how it is for a man to catch a cold.

So, after the morning sneeze I went for the Otrivin and by that initiate a noose bleed… I have not had a noose bleed for years (what I can remember), but dry cold air will never make wonders for your nose.

Pretty me in the morning

The cold also made me decide to skip the workout this morning and see if it’s better in the afternoon. Hopefully I can fill the apple workout app rings by the bike ride to and from work today. I also realize that this shill with rain (next week) will be a nightmare.

Todays morning bikeride to work.

But have a nice Thursday now my friends, I will most likely have a day at the office doing what I have to do and not so much more. I’m not at my best right now at least.


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