Amanda Lind

Sweden have a new Government and replacing the former Disney Club anchor woman Alice B-K as Minister of Culture and Democracy we have the first minister ever in Sweden with dreads.

Today in the tabloid Expressen Martina Montelius write about how nice Amandas life seems to be so why does she want to be in the Government? The only plus is the money. I hope, and deep down, i think the article is ironic but I am not sure so to give my view.

Representing your country I actually think some kind of presentable look is required. On your free time as a “nobody” well, dreads, or a face full of tattoos or like to go to work cross dressing is up to you I don’t care. But in this case I am too conservative. Enough about the hair.

But, the article… Everything she writes about Amanda and her life just confirms a lot of my views, i know its prejudices, about a person with the look she presents. On the free time she like to dress up as an Elf and go on Lajvs. Her husband or boyfriend, i do not know, think he can fly when he do yoga (levitate). And I suppose his girlfriend Amanda agree on those facts cause at least I would never be able to live with someone who thinks he can levitate.

One of the first things she told the press was that she tried cannabis as young(er), something I am 100% sure is true what I don’t believe is that it ended there, I am so sorry but every word in the article about Amanda tells me that it’s never a good idea to smoke cannabis (even if it’s just to try). But most likely we have someone in the Government now who will be pro-cannabis and support legalization of the drug if the question is raised.

If you know Swedish and like to read the article you find it here; EXPRESSEN


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