Another amazing summer day

Yes, again, nice weather, it smells summer… am sure you know the that smell, when you open a window and warm air enter the room with a smell. And here we are, still, no plan to go anywhere beside back to work and the offices. Not abroad, not to a park or café – but I can buy a plastic chair or a new cutlery box, TV or why not a new phone?

Life is not fun and in my old home country, Sweden, people can move more or less free and get upset over the fact that there are countries backing them from travel this summer… So far Norway, Finland, Denmark, Cyprus and most likely Greece – I guess there will be more if not the very upset foreign ministers call for racism agains Swedes and that it is against the EU rules to exclude a EU country.

But I am not so sure that France, if their Covid figures go down after weeks of lock down want to share streets, beaches and restaurants with Swedes and the never ending Corona pandemic in Sweden. Most death per capita in the world together with Belgium. Congratulations.

At the end we don’t know, did Sweden do it right? Or the countries who locked down? The answer will come when we have a vaccine and maybe a year after that.

Strange world


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