Another Monday

Welcome to a new week, fresh, relaxed, full of all that energy you built up over the weekend… Not…

I managed to force myself to go to the gym both Saturday and Sunday, but it was tough, really tough. Every fiber in my body screamed “NO!”, and on top of it all one of the Baccara ladies passed this weekend. My childhood heroes is in the “passing age” now.

I also start to rethink all this gym and biking. I do not feel at least better, more energy, less sick as I am supposed to. Actually the opposite. No energy, more out of breath than before. So it will be really interesting when I go on the next 6 month check up. I am sure, without knowing at this stage, I will be sent to a new stress test.

And for you who wonder, I still update my iTunes – Something the new situation with Klarna (see previous post) not exactly helping with, if I need to download a new vesrion of a song.

But last week all this updating the play counts in Itunes gave this result:

Last weeks most played songs, result

That said, try to survive another week friends.


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