Apply to…

Can we start with saying that traffic rules apply to cyclists and pedestrians as well as motor vehicles? And if I got a green light I go, so you (with red light) should not step out on the zebra crossing at that time. Agree?

Then… Fanta, a soda brand, have a “secret flavour” thing going on, and the last one was amazing (lean too Wild Strawberry), and not they changed it. I mean, first… The color? WTF is that? Then the taste… A kinky chemistry vanilla flavour, that reminds more of a Coca Cola Vanilla than Fanta. This one cannot be a hit.

That said, I went to work today with the feeling “Shit, it’s only Tuesday” – until I remembered it’s also the first work day this week… And still that feeling. And I have 50% off today, since the insurance will visit again to look at the new water leak damages.


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