Back to normal

It is kind of a surprise when you return to work after a vacation and have fun all day. And I know I am a nerd when it comes to statistics and listing things, but it is a fact that January every year is the best time at work, Reports, statistics etc must be finalized in time for the Finance department close the books on 2019, and I love it. A endless amount of time to try to get figures to match, cause they never do in the beginning. So yes, I started with the first calculations and its only the start.

Then we also faced the Galette des Rois at work, this French very strange tradition to eat a very dry, not at all good, piece of cake and if you are lucky to find a piece of plastic figure in your piece (yes, in the old days it might have been something out of value but not now) and win the joy of wearing a paper crown for the rest of the day.

When the day of the Galette des Rois takes place at work everyone do their best to not get the piece with the figure in it cause no one really want the paper crown. But, its not bad, it all comes with a glass of Champagne, Lanson today, and if the thought behind it all is to check if the staff manage to do the year end statistics under influence of alcohol Champagne is a good alternative. And to be honest, Lanson is not the best of brands when it comes to Champagne but its actually a good budget alternative.

After all this it took me 1h45 to get home cause of the strike, but that is another question.


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