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So, France again have an increase in new Corona cases. Surprised to find that in the reports cause I thought it would happen after the “rentree” (When French people return to work from the 1st of September after their vacations). But seeing this already happens it is worrying for what will happen in September.

Scenarios, “give up” and let people manage their lives as well as they can. Open up, stop the mandatory wearing of masks etc – it’s not a likely development.

The rumors though is that from 1st of September it will be a curfew from 22h00 in the so called red zones when everything must be closed and people keep inside their homes. I guess the health departments then also will impose that if you don’t have too work from your office, continue to work from home.

The new mandatory mask thing, is nothing else than extremely confusing. They went from the wearing of masks in some streets in Paris to a mandatory wearing of masks in areas. The first days a completely fiasco cause people have no clue of the new rules and looking at the provided map… Not clear at all…

Mandatory wearing of masks in Paris

Really? Why not say all of the 750XX area instead of the one above? And next question, it is OK to sit in a Café without mask in those areas, but you need the mask to pass by. Just as in Sweden the rules are confusing.

And as being very sceptic to the idea of the EU, here they actually have a chance to be useful implementing the same rules all over Europe (at least in the EU zone), but no… Different rules in different countries all the time, changing and different day by day. Not even France and Germany, the two “we love EU” countries in Europe lift this question up on the agenda.

It will be interesting too see what will happen in France after the 1st of September.



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