Brussels February 2019

OK first things first. In one area Brussels beat a lot of other cities and that’s on the party side. You can have a lot of fun in Brussels if you like to go out and have a bear or 25.

But beside this what is Brussels? The have Grand Place and the little boy peeing. Both smaller than you expect them to be but both unique and worth the visit just for doin´it.

But first of all I see Brussels as a city with one kind of weather, RAIN. It rains a lot in Brussels. The city is dirty and right now 2019 also completely under renovation. They kind of build and repair everywhere.

But what strike visitors most at the moment is all the beggars everywhere in the city center and around the railway stations. Its amazing that the city don’t try to do something. And this is in February… What happen in May and summer when people with ease can sleep on the streets.

But again, party in Brussels I a thumbs up


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