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Friday turned out to be a boring day

Apart from the Opening of the Olympics. As always watching the parade of athletes is amazing, and outfits fun. Sweden, of course, made a fool out of themselves in the area of outfits. This year not even yellow and blue, we paraded in wearing the Australian colors, yellow and green. I don’t know who takes the decisions of the Swedish clothes in sports.

You might not need to go all Togo, for the third Olympics now?

The famous Togo Olympic boy

But I also went downtown in the evening, without burning from the idea, so of course a brief visit before I was home, before 21h00.

French Covid situation pasted week:

Take care,


Kefir day

My legs say no no no, 16h00 rush out of work to be home no later than 16h25 – then change clothes and run to the gym for a 60 minute strolling at a fast pace on the treadmill. I am lucky so far to be just in time before all the “go to the gym after work” people get there. After that there is not a chance in hell that you get a treadmill, especially now when only 50% of them is switched on and can be used.

And yesterday was the first day for checking the health pass here in France, but I managed to live the complete day without such a check. And I also managed to go to Carrefour after the workout and was lucky enough to actually be in time for stocking up on “Kefir”

Kefir, the closest thing to “Filmjölk” you get in France at the moment.

So now I have Kefir for at least 4 days at home. And Carrefours Kefir is the best and most like Filmjölk, there are two other brands as well but both double the price and more like normal milk, not as thick as Kefir (and Filmjölk) is.

And you might have read in the news about the hostage situation at a Swedish prison yesterday? Two inmates convicted for murder took two prison guards as hostage using razorblades.

The situation is now solved but yesterday when it happened and their demands got public a whole country went on Twitter and “?” – They wanted kebabpizza for all inmates. Worth it? Maybe added 5 years to their time locked in, using razorblades just to get a kebabpizza? Smart guys.

I end todays worthless post with 2 things. First that four days proven not to be enough to catch up with all the work I am behind with and it was the jury who buried Denmark in Eurovision.

Hugs peeps


Oui, they do it this morning too

Again, but even a bit worse, the Parade is on rehearsals and me on a bike. So what do they think will happen? That I may the choice to try to pass through 400 men rehearsal a parade? Or that my main goal in life was to move to Paris, wait for 6 years and activate myself to ram a tuba player? It’s just not necessary to close down the world for something that is happening every year like clockwork. And more or less not at all if the weather will be as promised on Wednesday – who want to stay in heavy rain and lightning for hours then?

By the way, can a flash hit a tuba?

Apart from that July pass fast, even if each day seems to go in slow motion. But the passed weekend I finally cleaned out my wardrobes 100%. 4 30 liter trash bags filled with clothes I never will ware again, and for some reason survived the last cleaning 2 years ago.

And still I actually keep the “rule”, for every new garment bought, 2 of the same need to be thrown away, especially shirts, t shirts, kilts etc.

Have a nice rainy day now. I guess I will ride home in rain this afternoon, it’s how it looks.

Don’t forget the “Bring your hamster to work day – all days this week


Summer 2021, lay down and die

Now it must be said, shit summer 2021 – the only hope for a winter survival is a mild autumn, outdoor seating without “chauffage” at least until the beginning of November, and real heat September and October.

Just rain rain rain, a typical “inguinal fungal infection” summer.

Summer like the one we have now drain your brain from all hope of joy and will to do anything, not even fun things is fun.

Beside the weather? Sweden lost the Football game yesterday against Ukraine – I will not hear the end of that today when working with Ukrainians. But I think the reason for their victory is playing in the Swedish colors “Blue and Yellow” – So I will fight back any bullying.


Say what?

So this is how the Swedish Social-democrats look at democracy. It is amazing really. If a country not approved by the Swedish PM say the same thing, they would go crazy internationally.

But its obviously OK to tell the Swedish population they have no idea what politics is so a new election is redundent.

Let us say that when S in Sweden get normal figures in elections in Sweden the country might be a normal place again.


2 faces

Waking up this morning with 2 faces, seriously WTF is happening? My left side of the face is bigger than a blimp – infection in a tooth and emergency dentist time 1st of June. Happy moi.

And with that I leave you for now, together with the top 4 among the Swedish public in the Eurovision voting. As you know Swedes is always unhappy with other European countries voting for their neighbour countries… This is the Swedes votes 2021


Casal Garcia

I knew that Casal Garcia also came as a rosé but never seen it until yesterday, so I bought a bottle and I liked it enough to buy three more today. Actually a wine I would love to find at a café in Paris and just drink (with ice) watching people passing by.

Beside that, not much happened today, to much thoughts about work and not enough about where my thoughts should end up… Eurovision.


Friday – A day off work

Not a holiday in France, but 14th of May still a day off for me, but not at peaceful as I wanted it to be, it is tough to relax from thinking of work at the moment. C´est la vie.

And a new kidney stone arrived today, so the collection is growing. I wish kidney stones was as valuable at its similar stone in oysters, the pearl. Voila, I will be a rich man.

And this weeks Corona report:

Have a nice weekend


Eurovision coming up

Two free days before a conference week, and since the conference and Eurovision is the same week (again), I can’t have the Eurovision Wednesday and Friday off (as I wish and try to have when possible). So today I started with the charts and comments to go out to friends before the semi finals and the finals. Hopefully good enough to also post here.

Beside that today was interesting, rain in the morning (power walk), sun so I decided to take a walk (started to rain) and when I got home the sun came back. Welcome to the world of Eeyore and Eeyoreism.