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With chalk on asphalt

Either some parents will get a chocking inoice to pay for the cleaning of their kids practicing their artistic side, or this is the premonition of digging up my street and make my life hell for a long time. Noise and excavated street and side walks. Or the city of Paris actually finally found out where I live and will now offer me a house with a moa, so I am safe. And no, I do not have exaggerated image of my own importance to the world 2021.

But let us go back in time, today, 12 years ago the site Gylleneskor.se (re named Poplight before it died) invited that years Eurovision artists to Stockholm and I was interviewing the ones signed by Warner.

Unlikely 29th of April 2021, this was a sunny & extremely hot day, so running around in Stockholm between venues, resulted in a really shiny face (shiny a nice way to say I sweated like a waterfall).

So welcome to a walk down Memory lane:

Télé Travail

At the moment the only perk with working from home is the fact that I can work out before I start to work, and it’s really nice to have everything done before 7h00 in the morning. But at the same time I really don’t know how long I can do this everyday power walk. My legs are again killing me. Now its the calves that decided to give up on their only task in life, to make someone move forward.

Beside that the energy level is kind of zero at the moment… And what before was fun and productive, to work from home is at the moment tougher. The days at the office is easier, and I can’t bring files back and forth daily. Depressed? No, not at all, just a mood at the moment. So don’t worry, I will be back to my normal grumpy me soon. Not this “I don’t care” grumpy.


Gone too soon

I usually do not post more than one post a day, today is an exception. This morning the office was reached by the news that a colleague passed away over the weekend, Mrs Jennifer S.

I have known Jennifer for 18 years, maybe even 19 years thinking about it, but we did not become colleagues in Paris until 6 years ago, even if we only knew each other through work.

Jennifer was a lifeline too me through the tougher periods at work when I, under a period of a few years, faced difficulties working alone with the workload of an whole department. When things got to tough and I needed to get the frustration out her office was a safe place to let some steam out.

She also kind of mentored me in the history of the organization I work for and her knowledge of the corporate history will be greatly missed in the upcoming years.

So RIP Jennifer.


First spin with Laila

Laila, my bike, was out for her first spin today. Took the same track as I power walked in the morning, just to get the feel of the traffic and how it will be to use the bike as my number one transport, and it will be interesting.

First of all, it’s true, you do not need to learn again how to bike, it’s in there. What you do need to learn though is the different traffic situation between Tungelsta and Paris. I used my bike in Sweden between my home and the commute station in Västerhaninge. A one way 6.3 km bike ride. From my Paris home to work it’s only 3 – 3.5 km so I think I will survive that even if it’s downhill all the way too work, and uphill home I hope that after a while I have enough power in my legs to not need to stop on the way.

And the traffic, yes it is a bit heavier than in Tungelsta. I mean, going from A to B then made me meet maybe 2 -3 cars on the way, so I need to learn to keep a bit more attention too what’s happening around me and learn that traffic lights also apply to me.

But if anything will cause me to fall or collide I realized today that it won’t be other vehicles it will be potholes and loose cobblestones, the real nightmare here in Paris.

But it was nice to finally get out there and be a bike guy again.


Somethings is hard to let go

As the headline today tell you, somethings îs hard to let go off. Like the Radio interview with Greta Thunberg who turned 18 a while ago.

In Sweden 18 is when you get of age to vote, drive, get married etc etc, you are a grown up, if you don’t want to buy a bottle of wine of course, then it’s 20… (Sweden is always fantastic… You can defend your country and kill people but not buy a bottle of alcohol).

In Gretas case it is even more interesting since she is the girl powerful politicians listen too, get inspiration from and try to please, at least in the eye of the media and voters.

So this, now 18 year old woman, have a lot to say and a lot of ideas to be spread world wide.

So think back, or into the future, what did you do when you turned 18, what was on your birthday wish list? A car, or money to take drivers lessons? A party for all your friends? Actually plan to move from home? Travel abroad without having your parents telling you it’s OK?

I can think of more things on the mind of a 18 year old, if the 18 year old not named Greta Thunberg…

01. This is what Greta got at her 18 year old birthday

02. “I got walnuts”

03. Kodjo (one of the shows hosts): “Only a bag of walnuts?”

04. “No, it was whole”

05. “Which was great fun because I’d say I would like to…”

06. ” …try to crack myself. So it was a great gift”

So what is so wrong here, cause no one would expect Greta to have a normal wish for birthdays or Christmases… What is disturbing is that she is 18 years old, a grown up whishing for walnuts so she can “try” too crack them. Again, 18 y.o.

The above is fine, but that powerful CEOs, famous people, Presidents and politicians actually listen to a person who lived 18 year without trying to crack a nut?

Add that environment Greta also got bubble wrap (plastic) and Brussels sprouts in her 18 y.o. birthday gift bag and from her father a t-shirt. We guess a new Antifa* t-shirt so Greta don’t need to borrow her mothers in the future.

Think about it for a while and try to picture it Golden Girls way and imagen the world we might live in when children like Greta will take over. Cause 18 or not, this is not normal what so ever, and “nut” in nutcracker can mean so much more than just a nut.


*) Gretas family posed for a picture dressed in t-shirts from the anarchist group Antifa, Gretas defence was “she borrowed the t-shirt from her mother”

Sudden death

To wish people to die a sudden death in Covid related sickness is not a nice thing, I am aware of that, but seriously… We hit almost 85.000 new cases yesterday and this stupid stupid woman (girl), with a runny nose enters the train, pull the hood up and mask down.

reintroduce pillory please


Je me casse

And what’s with that? “Je me casse”? First, it’s the title of the Maltese entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. And as such a really good song, I do like it a lot.

And as a song believe me when I say that it will be a hit in Sweden this summer cause every year a song for the dancefloors which includes a saxophone is trending, so will this one.

Join Destiny and Malta in “Je me Casse”


Mving to Paris I said “minimum of 5 years” and I have now passed that minimum, but think I will deduct the “Corona months” from the 5 years so before screaming “5! years” lets see when we can get back out on the streets again.

In any case I have started to look out for what to do next. I don’t want to go back to Stockholm for sure, so I look at the possibility to move back to my birth city Norrköping and to my surprise I can see that it do not seems to difficult to get an apartment (if you don’t need to live in the city center). So the problem will most likely be to find work and have enough money saved to move back.

Other options I look at, even if not so easy, is of course Malta (unfortunately the job offers I get there can’t cover a life in Malta with loans to pay in Sweden still, or I also look for the possible move to two other favorite cities in Europe, Vienna and Bratislava. So there are options, likely or not, but it look like Norrköping is the most likely one.

So my mind is moving away from staying in Paris for life to going back to my roots.



So, over for 2021

2021, again a year when my favorite did not manage to win the Swedish selection to the Eurovision and a gain a year when it was easy to guess the top 4 songs.

Knowing the Swedes, they are so afraid to stick out they know what top songs to vote for, from reading the media, and that is one reason why the old system with one final was much much better. New songs to all, no one was able to say this is the right song to vote for. Add the act that Melodifestivalen now is a children’s program makes it a strange tv show.

In and case, Tusse won, and let’s start with he good thing… It can sing, that is for sure, but all this gender bending and non binary shit going on, political correct voting sending a song to Europe that most likely will be parised by the jury and fail in the televote is strange. The song is woke, the singer is woke all about the act is woke and I published that I had his song as number 12 out of 12 on my Twitter and was marked “Racist” a few minutes later. I had The Mamas high up on my list, but that is not the thing for these people going all in BLM and HBTQ + around 5 letter more now,

Tusse mark almost every box to be 100% the perfect woke singer, as a friend said, only a few things was missing, a niqab, a fleeing Belarusian and a wheelchair.

That is what Sweden send to Rotterdam in May, thanks heaven we have some good songs from other countries.