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Bikes and Ms Hildago

First of all it’s Monday, and I have no idea why it is a nightmare to try to go to sleep Sunday nights… It’s a constant struggle to reach that moment when reality and dreams kind of merge and it is 100% normal to think you are flying way above the roofs of Paris and before you don’t remember anything until the alarm goes off. So, yes I am tiered and the mood is not the best.

That said, I am sure Ms Hildago, the Mayor of Paris think she is a fantastic person introducing all the bike lanes in Paris, and yes, it is amazing but going to work, where there are bike lanes more or less from outside the door of my house until reaching work, you still spend most of the time in the middle of the traffic cause the bike lanes is more short time parking zones when the French stop to “just buy bread”, “just leave the kids at school” or “just wait for a friend”. Also all deliveries going on in the mornings.

But worst, the trash pick up in narrow streets. But OK, I can accept that, also deliveries cause what can they do? But the average car owner blocking the bike lanes… No, it’s when the devil in me wish I will loose balance and scratch the vehicle very very bad.

So, now I have raged and feel a bit better this Monday at least.


So Finally, we got a result

Magda is gone, and with her the green party and the Centerparty (who claims to be a liberal party, but are extreme without being left or right). Now we can only hope that the new Government in Sweden keep it together for 4 years, if not… We will wait for a long time before this happens again. So no stupid Tweets or members of their parties going wild. But for Sweden I think this is the best news in many years.


When Socialdemocrats blame the new Government for the mistakes they done, before the new Government even is in place. Anders Lindberg is a nutcase.

Flamingo Time

Still fun when co workers get the meaning of the Flamingo…

So today, this evening, we hopefully get the final result of the election. 4 more years of misery or at least a chance to save what’s left to save. Not saying I think it will be easy or even work with the 4 parties if the conservative side wins… But there is at least some hope.

That said, I saw the first rainbow over Paris today. Rushed back to my desk to get the camera and got back outside to a gray sky. Not fun.


Undrar just vad husmor tycker om saken?

Election Day in Sweden

The first reports is in, and it look like I will stay in France for at least 4 more years – same same, Swedes are strange. Four years of complaints and then go and vore for the same situation again.

But, reports still not finished, so

CURRENT MODE – Wait for result:

Current mode wait for the result in the Swedish election.