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So you know, from the 27th of February 2024 won’t this website be up and running anymore.

But I keep the URL name, so if I want to start up again in the future I can use the same one.

It’s been 8 fun years, but as it is now it’s not worth the money I spend on the site.


11 traffic lights

Counted them today, the traffic lights between Augustin church and Madeleine Church, a short ride with the bike. And it’s 11! And in the French way the time is not set to give a “green path”, it’s more a way to get people to slow down, so when one go green, the next go red. Amazing really.

Apart from that, my Gym have decided for a kinky leather Santa this year, already his sacks with presents prepared, as you can see from todays picture.


The HEETS mystery.

Menthol is said to be banned from smoking in France. So here comes the mystery…

Heets blue, announced to be withdrawn in October, turned out to be true. The weaker version, weaker in nicotine, Turquoise, is still in the market, and upgraded from less nicotine to the same amount as blue before. So we have a menthol taste HEETS, with the same amount of nicotine as the Blue before, but with less taste of menthol, even if it is menthol.

My brain goes: “WHY”.


Time to Eeyoreize

The picture might not be the best at the moment, cause if you close to a Swede, fear might be the correct emotion. But… If we bow down, they win.

But it really is the time of Eeyoreize, winter is closer than ever, the world is crazy and I really must decide if I am going to move from France, and if yes, any other EU country or going back to a Sweden that looks everything else then something you want to go back to, snowing in Stockholm.

That said, the Friday 2 Friday Spotify chart is again up on a Friday.

Friday2Friday Songs

Friday2Friday – Artists

Friday2Friday – Albums

Have a nice TGIF.


Every morning!

So, this is what my brain does every morning…

Send a signal that it is 100% normal to speak to myself.

Talking out loud: Why are you doing this?

What am I doing? Go to the gym, or as we all sees it, a torture chamber.

At least, in Sweden, I had cats to talk to. So I did not seemed to be completely insane.

So the above is me Monday to Sunday, every week.