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Now we start

So it’s that time of the year, upcoming huge conference. A week locked in without a chance to hide anywhere. The anxiety builds up day by day right now. Every cell in the body is occupied for at least 5 minutes every morning, between the alarm and getting up, trying to find a sign of a sickness coming up. 5 lost minutes every morning.

But OK, I most likely will survive even this year and as always sleep for 16 hours when returning home. C’ est la vie.


Monday start with a gym session

Up before the sun and off to the gym and new week, soft start with the aim to reach all the objectives. Green ring, Red ring and minimum 6 km, hi them all. But based on the Conference next week I should do 12 km minimum daily this week so maybe I have to do two gym visits a day this week… Let’s see.

Depends on when I’m home as well, week before this particular conference sometimes hold us within the office walls to 21h00. But today Monday, not a chance there will be any 21h00.



Not much to write home about today, Gym, Laundry, nap, out to eat back home cause it’s cold as hell out.

But again, eveytime the neighbors, young people, have a party – something happens to the elevator and it get stuck on 1st floor. It happens EVERY time the 5th floor have a gathering.

WTF are they doing?


TGIF – A very special TGIF

Released today! Mylène Farmer and “L’ emprise” – no problem to know what to do this weekend – listen in to the album and decide if it’s good or not… Most likely it is.

The download is already made, so now, with some luck, FNAC will be manageable to visit today on my way home (Black Friday usually a nightmare there), and buy the special CD edition, the normal CD and if I can figure out a way to bike with the vinyl I buy that one as well. But vinyl can wait.

Mylène Farmer L’ emprise” 2022 release 25th of November

Beside all this, have a nice and fun TGIF – and for heavens sake at least download the album and discover it.


The water leak

More about the leak? Oh yes! It will continue until I am 100% sure it’s fixed. No personal theories on where the leak really is, just a plumber guarantee they fixed it.

The steps now is to get it confirmed that the major leak has dried up so I can plan for the painting job and the floor repair. Then check the new, to me suspect, spots. Looking like water damage, air the radiators and then we will see.

A lot of repairs must be done next year so I don’t have to pay too much when and if I relocate.

Apart from that, my words d’jour is “Person and Culture” – You have to have been there to get it.


Shit hit the fan

Yesterday, the EBU, it was announced that the vote system at the Eurovision will change in 2023, and I am sorry EBU… What are you doing? Did the directors and the reference group decide to not have a normal meeting, but make decisions after a few hours at a bar or something?

No juries in the semifinals, online votes from “The rest of the world”, seriously? My guess is that the viewing went down 2022 and EBU in panic noted they lost money… So how to engage new voters? Of course by invite the rest of the world to vote, using credit card numbers to void countries to buy votes.

Invite the world is also a marketing tool to export the concept, even if both Asiavision and the American Song Contest never turned out to be popular. This way, EBU (who sold the rights) might boost the interest for local competitions and earn some more money.

The scrap the jury in the semi finals will give us final with catchy up-tempo songs and songs in style with Verka. And I loved that entry, but maybe 10 – 15 of the same kind?

I have loved the Eurovision since I was a child, the first one in 1971, and up until the early 2000 still in it 100%, loving it and followed every little selection going on. Then the changes really started to get through, and the interest declined since then, even if I of course watch it. But now more of tradition then anything else. The “chutzpah” is gone. And with this rules, I don’t know what to say? or watch? or engage.

Martin österdahl have made be very very disappointed.


New system Eurovision votes


New day, new morning and in office. Means I survived another winter day on my bike. Today is also vaccine day, both flue and covid in one shot. Most likely I will be sick as hell tomorrow after a night with high fever. It’s the normal first reaction when I get a flue vaccine, as well as the first covid shot. The two after rendered no reaction at all. So we will see.

Yesterday they premiered the Christmas lights at Champs Elysèes, turned out to be some blinking lights in the trees, but thousands stood there in the shill waiting for something amazing I guess… People are idiots. It’s like the mania around fireworks… I mean, you seen one so you have seen them all. The same goes for magicians and circuses.

Champs Elysèes yesterday 2022 11 21, premier Christmas lights

At the same time I must shout out a huge Congratulations to my buddy Fabrizio Faniello, once again a contender in the MESC (Maltese Selection to represent Malta in Eurovision 2023).

Fabrizio Faniello in MESC 2023, Eurovision ready


Another weekend swooshed by

Back to work then, and another weekend went by fast as usual. As you can see on the photo Laila got a new frock this weekend. Let’s hope people can leave this on alone and not rip it (as with the cheaper old one) or steal it (cause it’s not a cheap one).

I can also inform the world that yes, I did bike this morning as well… 5 degrees! And even if my colleague in Geneva claims Fahrenheit is more known than Celsius I do not agree. Especially not in Europe, so the 5 degrees is in Celsius, nothing else.

May I add the same person also write “z” instead of “s” for more or less everything a fact that take me to two different radio shows this weekend about Zarah Leander… Well worth two hours if you understand Swedish.

Ta Ta,



Living in a country where no one heard of gooseberries is a bit absurd, especially when the only thing you can think about at the moment is gooseberry soda and gooseberry sorbet.

The climat in France is more or less better for the gooseberries than it is in Sweden, so how is it possible that the French never heard of them?