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A day off

Yesterday turned out to not as I expected. First of all I am still not finished at work with catching up among all paperwork I expected to do during the week. So at least one day next week must be dedicated to the same stuff.

But I also left work with a feeling that now it’s enough, I can’t go on repeating the same things over and over… Yea, we all have those days at work, but it’s not good for the mental health… No, I’m not crazy, just tiered. So welcome a day off.

60 minutes at the gym also passed, and today I will go there earlier. No QR code check for vaccine though, my gym will start the 1st of August.

Also, 2021, Myléne seems to go all in… New Greatest hits in August, and now this:

Kind of saved the day, who can be angry knowing this?



Today, the same day that new Covid cases in France reach over 18.000, I am according to the French rules finally in full vaccinated. 14 days after jab 2. So… What will now happen? Knowing me, I most likely will catch Covid cause I am supposed to be as safe as possible. My reaction to the fact is that I am even more aware of the risk and overdo it in the opposite way.

That said, I can’t understand why wearing a mask feels much tougher now than it’s done in more than a year? I never experienced a “Can’t get air” feeling since the masks been introduced, but now I can hardly wear one for more than a few minutes before it feels like I’m drowning. The brain play us for sure.

Today is also the day of step 1 when it comes to the health pass, will be really interesting to see if the QR codes works or when I will be asked for the first time to present the code.

I also need to know when Carrefour will get more Kefir.

By the way, crazy Greta is obviously not popular in Switzerland, cause I think this is a Swiss vehicle.

The face of a crazy teenager

Keep up the good spirit and give me more days off, I am in need of sleep and new glasses – the project on my next day off.



OK, I have now reached the point in life where I try to work out AFTER work. First time yesterday and no, I do not like it at all, but I will give it a few weeks and see if it’s feasible in the long run or if I shall try early mornings again (which I know works for me).

So why not do mornings if I know it work out well? There is a list of reasons:

  1. Since I for some reason after sweat for on hour before I’m normal again I won’t be able to leave home before 9h00 after a morning work out.
  2. I won’t be able to add more time to the workout, it is 60 minutes no more so in the long run I will reach status que in weight loss.
  3. Leaving home at 9h00 means to bike in rush hour, not something I like to do.
  4. Bike after 60 minutes on a treadmill, my legs won’t be able to take me up for the hill between Guy Moquet and La Forche (at least not for the first month, before I actually get some muscles on my chicken legs).

So, what is the perfect solution? I hope the gym will open earlier or go 24/7 opening times (like gyms should be) – just think to get back home from a night out and be able to go to the gym and workout and seat out some alcohol from the system before going to bed cuddling with a hamburger from McDonals. But gyms in France don’t seem to be open 24/7, at least not the brand I workout at.

And I need to learn to drink still water, not always 100% freezing cold. Why can’t I drink still water without getting vomiting reflexes?

Yes, the above is a mix of bragging and whining, I am aware of that.


The first back at work

So, no direct surprises too be honest, same streets on a bike, same stops and same rolling down the hills of Paris and reached the office in 14 minutes today.

But I do expect more trouble further into the French vacations month (August) we go. For some reason the “digging up streets of Paris” happening at the same time. I also 100% sure we will see more demonstrations around Place de la Concorde the upcoming weeks. Always manage to fu** things up when it comes to blocking streets.

Hopefully we will get information in advance so you know what streets to avoid. Or, born Parisians will know, me, not so much, I learn by trial and error.

But now I have 4 days this week to finalize stuff always “pushed into the future” caused unexpected tasks thrown my way. Next week will be prepare my colleagues for the weeks I’m out of office.

But if I can’t do the work this week I can’t focus on the real important things after my vacation, cause we will have a seriously hectic autumn / winter coming up, which need 100% focus.

So, I can only hope for this week to be a “do not bother Björn with unimportant stuff”-week.

And to link to yesterdays post I now logged in to my Covid Vaccine account to check the Travel pass and health pass (not even sure if it is the same document, cause its not clear in the information since both names are mentioned in different sections), and still the info is “No available information” – and on Wednesday it’s needed. So will be interessting. Scanning the QR code in the upper right corner of the document provided by my Doctor it also say: “No information available” – the Qr code at the left bottom of the page, to upload info in the app, works well though. So let us hope it will be enough.


Back to normal

France National day, 2 days off and now tomorrow back to the hamster wheel, and what can I say. Far from enough, really needed but to be back to normal will take more than 5 days, maybe more than 1 week (it’s soon upcoming), cause my brain is on fire.

But forget about that and look at France and the Covid situation. First of all:

France will impose Covid-19 tests of less than 24 hours on entry to its territory from the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, Greece and the Netherlands, Matignon announced Saturday.

The measure will come into force at midnight on Sunday.

From midnight on Sunday, unvaccinated travellers from the United Kingdom, but also from five European Union countries (Spain, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus and the Netherlands), will have to present a negative PCR or antigenic test less than 24 hours old to enter France, Travellers vaccinated against Covid-19 with a vaccine recognised by the European Medicines Agency will be exempt from this requirement from Saturday.

And I guess there is a list of countries to follow the UK for example, all cause the rapid amount of new cases in France. We have the last week seen:

And then we have the new restrictions coming up from the 21st of July and 1st of August, and the protests planned around us. I read, without being able to get it confirmed, that even Policemen will refuse to take the vaccine, the mandatory vaccine for people with jobs where they take care of people.

I do support the new rules, no questions about it, but from start I have said that the Government must lay down the infrastructure and be clear with the rules first, then take the decision to impose this on the people in, in this case, France.

Well well, no one cares but here is list of things I wish been done before the 1st of July:

  • How will not vaccinated, but tested, get access to Restaurants, shops, supermarkets, Cafés and bars? Force them to take a test every 24 hour (todays not for free).
  • Who is in charge of throwing people out if they don’t have the QR code?
  • Who, in a busy café or bar, will be in charge of the scanning of codes?
  • Is the QR code also mandatory on the terraces? Or only inside? Like the masks are now?
  • Scannars are tech, tech can malfunction, what then? What if the “TousCovid” app go down, being hacked? Do we need the papers as well?
  • Why can’t I test the QR code at home to see if it actually works as promised? Now its no problem to scan the test result, but the QR code for scanning just say “No data” when you try to scan it with a normal scanner. So I guess there is a special scanner or application for people in charge of scanning. Or?

Just a few things. At the end I still think the only way to get figures down is to stop border crossings completely for a month, worldwide. What countries then decide within their borders is one thing, but no travel for anyone, Royalty and EU folks included.


French link in French only

Stupid moi

Seriously, second day at the gym (after the lock down) I managed to walk from home without my watch, so no record of the workout today. And I need to fill that workout ring, not missed one day since 17th of August 2020, and just to have a gap caused by me forgetting the stupid watch? Oh no, I really don’t accept that.

So what to do? Walk down and have another workout just to fill the ring? Or keep the workout app on all day, random workout, and just fill it? Stuff like this can make my mood sink deep.

But, let me introduce you to the new Corona regulations, if you go to Paris or France the upcoming months.

Take care out there and take the vaccine


National day

Today Paris supposed to be sunny and a lot of people outside celebrating the French National day, Bastille day, and of course… As the rest of this summer rain rain rain.

Yesterday I was stupid enough to say I managed to go too work and back home dry from the rain. Not yesterday – and I learned, the hard way, that the grill above Metros is slippery when it rains, and to try to make a hard turn makes you go like motorcycles do in action movies. Fall on the side and slide a few meters. In action movies they jump up again on the other side of a lorry or something that they passed under, not happening in real life. But not a scratch thanks heaven. Not even hurt cause it was on a square.

If the same had happen in traffic I would for sure been under a vehicle of any kind.

So take care when it rains folks


Rain in Paris, France

Thinking about it, and take all the facts into account, I have been very lucky so far this summer… All summer, up until now, have more or less rained away. Just like the summer 2015 it rains at least once a day… And I say at least, cause it’s way over that.

But I have not been in hit by any showers going to work or back home on my bike. OK, two days were rain all day, but I knowing that I took the Metro, but it’s only 2 days. So lucky me. But the rule still is, rain in the morning, no bike. Rain in the afternoon going home, bike is OK… I can arrive home looking like I been swimming in the Seine – with clothes on.

The picture of the day is from the passed weekend. It was sun, a bit of windy and I went to the restroom and came out again to what you see in the picture. From dry cobbler stones to that in max 4 minutes.

I also noticed this morning it’s getting darker and darker in the mornings when I leave for work. Soon time to put the lights on and the yellow west, which in my case have nothing to do with the French Yellow wests, whom I think will be out soon on the streets. That is a wild guess after Macrons speech yesterday.

Macron yesterday

So, just a few words on the Presidents speech yesterday. Not much of a surprise when it came to Covid, vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate. But it really was more about kick starting the Presidential campaign for 2022. And I guess that will push the yellow wests out on the streets again, and the unions to strike. Just wait for it.

On the Covid issue, health workers must vaccinate, mandatory. With a very wide rage of the word “Health worker”. In his speech health worker is anyone taking care of vulnerable people. So guessing also the police and firemen will be included here.

And we know that the unions there already said no to mandatory actions when it comes to vaccines.

Then for the normal people. The health pass will be used in a much wider rage than now. from 21st of July you need it for all gatherings with more than 50 people and from 1st of August also when you go out to a cafè, restaurant, mall etc. Think “everything” with more than 1 person involved.

I do not oppose this, its easy to get the health pass, even if I wish it was possible to test the QR codes to be sure they actually work (now I know you can upload them on the app, but then the new code can’t be tested as a private person). What I wonder is if the timeline is a bit narrow.

No problem to impose new rules but you need to have the infrastructure in place first. Cause who will check the QR codes in a busy cafè? Do the owner need to hire someone for that or is it something the state need to provide?

What happens if someone refuse to leave when they don’t have the pass? Is it up to the owner of the place to kick them out or will we see more police on the streets, if so where do they come from?

What about tourists? If you need proof of full vaccination or a test result no older than 48 hours, must tourists take a test every second day just to be able to go out for a meal? And now when the test will cost you, will tourists spend more than a short weekend in France? If so, won’t boost the tourism industry.

And what about buses, Metro etc, more than 50 persons for sure.

But this way to impose rules on people without having the infrastructure in place first is typical for politicians nowdays, cause everything must go fast fast fast. If it is Corona rules or city planning it’s the same problem. First the law then the infrastructure.

Not smart, but it’s how they do it.

So we will see how this is going to work, all start on the 21st of July and since I have my health pass the only thing that worries me is that I have no idea if the QR code works or not. I want to confirm it works.

Have a nice day now peeps