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Kind of out of nowhere, at the same time, Monkeypox pops up all over Europe and USA.. A virus more or less only active in the African djungle normally.

And yes we are use to pandemics now, with Corona for more than 2 years… But still… who is patient zero in this case when people are infected in Belgium, Spain, Sweden, France, US and UK. I can understand a local outbreak, but one here, two there… It is strange, but looking at the nationalities I guess the first outbreak was Grand Canaria and Pride, and then most likely brought there by illegal immigrants from Africa.

Just a guess.

Take care, Björn

How to update?

I brought this up once or twice before, the fact that it might be time to look around for a new job, relocation or going back to Sweden… But at the same time doing it without creating any more drama where I work right now, cause it’s not like a serious job hunt. Just that sometimes you need to audit your life and be realistic.

When moving to France I said a minimum of 5 years, loving it or not, and now this summer it’s 7 years and I am in an age where it’s not to far away to retire, so if I’m going to make a change when it comes to work a change now will most likely be to my final workplace before retiring.

So, I keep my options open without looking in an active way, how to put that on Linkedin without people look at it as I am on my way within a few hours? It can take years for heavens sake.

It is also a perfect time to look around for that kind of change. In 2 years my apartment contract ends and I need to decide to sign again for 3 years, or move… To move for a new job back in Sweden or somewhere else is actually not a bad idea. Small pieces in the puzzle all ends up pointing into the same thing – “Think about it man”.

Of course the fact that the work change a lot at the moment will also play a part in how to decide.

We will see, but I think I will try to update my Linkedin this upcoming weekend, this long weekend by the way…



The only things done today was gym, laundry and a short way to Carrefour – open with only the self service checkouts. Strange feeling, no staff beside the security guys.

Beside that nothing. Yes, laundry.

Sundays is a day for building up stress before the upcoming week, with two days off cause of national holidays at the end of the week. Lovely, and I have to figure out waterless stuff.


Another TGIF coming up

The photo tells it all, it’s weekend so why not introduce rain the citizens of Paris??? Not a surprise to the followers of Eeyore, just saying.

But it was a nice trip to work today, not too much people on the Metro, enough of the still wearing a mask (you don’t have to do it nowadays) and with doubtful enthusiasm I accepted to sit when a younger man offered me his seat, even if I have to admit that a part of me really got offended. And at the end I found myself face to face with Lisa Ekdahl….

Lisa Ekdahl in Paris in September 2022 at Olympia. A bit of a WOW moment in the French Metro

But let’s hope I will be able to finish the PPT today so I hopefully can push work out of the mindset over the weekend, and let’s hope todays rain will end before I get home… I had such a good schedule for this evening, and rain is not a part of the plan.

Todays “What the French do” – I have a new advisor at my bank, my fourth. So far, and one of the reasons why I picked that office, all of them been speaking English. Different grades of English but it has worked out well. Since my bank also is my insurance company here I sent them a query yesterday what will happen if they need to tear down the wall in my apartment and I got an answer in French, which is fine in text cause you can always figure out what it means.

But the best part of it all is that she answer me in French telling me to call the insurance hotline and everyone speaks English… Why don’t you then? A typical French thing. Been through this with Orange (where I have my phone and TV subscription) as well as American Express France. The “no problem, all in our call center speaks English”… OK, they might do so, but they for sure don’t want to or admit to it. So that is why both Orange and American Express don’t see me add new services, at the end, they loose an income.

Of course it is better to learn French when in France, but at the moment we wait for a new idea from HR to what kind of course I am suppose to take. Cause I still want to, but as it’s been it’s not been working out for me.

So, have a nice TGIF, drink and make love all weekend…


Life in Paris – Water leaks

So, I might now have my third water leak in my apartment. The two first ones was easy, cause you can see the pipes and where the leak was. This time it is IN the wall between the bedroom and bathroom.

As said when I moved in I am sure this apartment is an after structure, it was an attic or similar and they decided to make 3 apartments on that floor, a lot is not according to the best standard. Pipes is one.

So I guess the pipes in the wall, and the wall, is “jerry-built”. For some people these kind of things is a pain in the ass, but they know stuff like this and what’s needed and maybe even do it themselves.

Me, with no skill what so ever when it comes to be a handyman need assistance and with that money to pay for the shit. I guess the insurance will pay for the leak, but for tearing down a wall? Should the landlord pay anything, or at least pay with their insurance?

This is France so I have no idea… But step one, call the plumber and confirm a leak, get a quote, check with the insurance and the landlord. Some things are better in Sweden.



Like the old Aztec population we fall to the ground on our knees and praise the su… No not the sun, the Air Conditioner! It’s working again in the office open space. My apartment is still like a moist sauna, but I know now that won’t change until October.

And then Sweden… The Swedish Foreign Minister now signed the application for Sweden to join NATO and Sweden kind of forgot about this cause it’s population all went “WOW, she can write” – But there is no evidence that she did sign with a pen, she might just have put her thumb print on the application.

And yes, she is from the Social democrat party, so no one is surprised that she up until one week ago looked at NATO as the worst thing anyone could join and be a member of. NATO was Lucifer. But now it is the best thing ever and also as always the application comes with the Social democratic standard explanation to all their change of mind, “Deep inside the social democrats always wanted Sweden to join NATO”.

Ann Linde, Swedens Foreign Minister proves that she can write by signing the Swedish NATO application, at least we hope that is what that is, cause we can’t be sure she can read.

Today I also like to throw in some Swedish, cause it is so true and it is SO me… If anyone wonder about the reason why I sometimes must leave a room when I’m angry – it’s only to not say something I most likely will regret and never would have said in a normal situation.

When the truth can’t be spelled out in a better way.


Wrap 2022 Eurovision up

Let me start to say that yesterday we witnessed Eurovision going 10 years back in it’s evolution. Nothing, NOTHING, can make me believe that so many people in Europe and Australia actually thought Ukraine was the best song on the night. I am sure there are people who voted for it cause they loved it, but seriously?

Add that 6 countries votes was DQ:d and replaced with algorithms on usual voting patterns, Eurovision 2022 turns out to be a huge fail. And three real good songs ended up 2, 3 and 4 behind Ukraine. I just felt so tiered, and I am happy that it is a year until the next Eurovision. In Ukraine if you believe their President correctly. He aim to host, as if singers will go there.

And today we can also add that I hardly can walk, my left hip feel like it’s been crushed into pebbles, hurts like hell. The body is falling apart. Shit old. And watched a documentary on Netflix on growing older, and someone said the perfect thing “You don’t get wiser, you only get tiered”. I sign that statement.

So that’s it


Finally the final

So tonight is the big night after following this circus since December 2021, yes even before if you look at the countries who announced their singers but no song.

The feeling is that the second place song is the winner of Eurovision Song Contest 2022 – cause who will be able to fight the fact that there is a war going on in Ukraine and Ukraine is in the Eurovision finals.

But overall, this is bad year, a lot of bad songs, a lot of them even passed to the final, RAI did a better job semi 2 than semi 1 – sound etc. But it was also in the second semi it was obvious how ugly the “sun” is standing on the stage not working as supposed. All entries with this half circle behind them.

And the nowdays completely toxic fandoms blamed Switzerland for everything in semi 1, and Belgium in semi 2, amazing to be honest how social media made a really nice little group of fans turn to a flesh eating monster. And without name them, it is fans from the same countries that year after year kill the joy within the fan pages on social media. Nationalism in its worse form.

So the final, here are my list and guesses for tonights final.