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TGIF 18 November 2022

Even if this picture is an old one she is with me still, and now it’s 18th of November… Feels more like it’s time to put on skies and go to work than going by bike.


Yesterday I made an on site visits at one of our partners offices here in Paris. And it is doing stuff like that I actually get how much I like my work. It bring some new “oumpf” and Chutzpah into work, more new and good energy. So, so far today I am in a good mood. Promising from a TGIF point of view.

And even if more or less unknown in Sweden do not forget this banger of song that make any party a good and safe place to be in.



How to update?

I brought this up once or twice before, the fact that it might be time to look around for a new job, relocation or going back to Sweden… But at the same time doing it without creating any more drama where I work right now, cause it’s not like a serious job hunt. Just that sometimes you need to audit your life and be realistic.

When moving to France I said a minimum of 5 years, loving it or not, and now this summer it’s 7 years and I am in an age where it’s not to far away to retire, so if I’m going to make a change when it comes to work a change now will most likely be to my final workplace before retiring.

So, I keep my options open without looking in an active way, how to put that on Linkedin without people look at it as I am on my way within a few hours? It can take years for heavens sake.

It is also a perfect time to look around for that kind of change. In 2 years my apartment contract ends and I need to decide to sign again for 3 years, or move… To move for a new job back in Sweden or somewhere else is actually not a bad idea. Small pieces in the puzzle all ends up pointing into the same thing – “Think about it man”.

Of course the fact that the work change a lot at the moment will also play a part in how to decide.

We will see, but I think I will try to update my Linkedin this upcoming weekend, this long weekend by the way…


Learn as long as live…

Today’s post is about the fact that Eeyoreism actually is the only thread in life you need to live by. It’s amazing it’s not a real religion, or at least a obscure new age thing.

First, happy to finally get the 2022 Eurovision zip hoodie and then the facts of Eeyore hit you… They sent the wrong hoodie. No zip, another logo and another color. And a hoodie without a zipper is not a good look on someone abnormally obese.

And of course there is a string of stuff you need to do to send it back so at the end it’s 100% easier to keep it and order a new one. Believe me that webstores count on it.

You also learn, day by day and with Eeyore wisdom that it is impossible to get rid of the “meetings supposed to be an email”. It is a fun meme, been there for years, but it is actually true. Instead of 3 minutes writing an email you are called to a 2 hour meeting – it’s insane.

That said,

Have a nice day and “Our father who are in heaven, Eeyore be thy name”