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A weekend just faded away

Back to work, French kids back to school, so more cars, more people and more car horns all over Paris, needed or not… Make a sound. My new invention idea is to connect the car horn to a very strong electric shock so people only use their horns when it’s needed. Not just when someone else doing what in their minds is wrong. Like break when it’s a red light. So more electricity to make people change their behavior.

The weekend also meant the last heat before the final at Melodifestivalen 2023. And even if it feels like the result already 100% decided, with a win for Loreen, traditionally I watched the 5th heat, the so called “2nd chance”. The 2nd Chance is where songs already being knocked out of the competition compete to go to the final. Like a loosers club. So it’s not very exciting, none of them will win at the end, some might place better than 7 on the night of the final.

But we at least have the running order for the final race now on Saturday.

Startlist of Melodifestivalen final 2023 11th of March.

Who is your favorite before the show? Is it Loreen, or do you think like me? The song is amazing when you watch the performance, but listen to it without the “show” is painfully beige. Nothing special, sound like “Euphoria” Pt.2 and if the competition was a radio show whe would never be such a high favorite.

But among the songs that passed to the final not many can be looked at as a good entry for Sweden in Eurovision in May. Her biggest competition is Maria Sur and Marcus & Martinus, Maria Sur cause the teary backstory and Marcus & Martinus since every teenaged girl in Sweden will sit an vote as maniacs on the night of the Final.

Me? Still hope Nordman.


Eurovision TGIF

Photo: When colleagues (Mr Timothy) brows the internet and find a photo of Gabriel Forss, with me in front of course.

But it is TGIF, a day when I am supposed to wrap up stuff and leave at lunch time with 0 mails in the inbox. Ha ha!!! No connection to the system with shared folders at work, so nothing can be done.

Hopefully the grey sky will clear up, temp go up so the Friday wine can be my support system this evening.

Have a nice weekend.


And the answer on todays question is?

“It’s unacceptable!” – So whats the question you might ask? Todays degrees with a question mark is enough. -1?

So lets jump on to something else. My current standing among the ESC songs released so far:

My current standing among the ESC songs. So many more songs to come, and changes will happen until May, so it’s not really saying that much.

More close in time is the Semifinal at Melodifestivalen, now on Saturday. I don’t think much will change there… What can someone do to change their act that much?

Melodifestivalen 2023, Björns current votes

Enjoy your day, and remember that tomorrow we enter March, so it’s time to make your budget for the upcoming month.


So, heat 4 over

Heat 4 included Loreen, Mariette and a crazy activist crashing the scene to protest against the climate changes… Seriously?

And now the crazy news, I did not hate Loreens or Mariettes songs, Loreens number was actually really nice. The song a bit lame in the chorus but visual… Amazing. So I will not hate to send her to ESC even if its not my number one choice in the finals.

So with that, Good night Sunday and let us sleep well.

The upcoming week is tough week, back to the diet.


Stop lying please

Yesterday, a normal Wednesday, some work was announced to be made in the building where I live. To improve the drinking water in the building. Or shall I say all buildings on the block. I guess it is something they do all over Paris, and it’s nice. Maybe it will stop to smell like a swimming pool when you turn the water on from now on. At least that was what I thought.

The notification from www.eaudeparis.fr

But getting back home and turn the taps on I now think the reason they put up, quality of water, is a hoax. Cause now there is no water pressure at all. You know, like when you go abroad and the water pressure in the shower is non existing. That is how it is now in the kitchen and bathroom, also after flushing the toilet it takes forever to fill up the tank.

Yesterday I thought this is cause they just turned the water on again, Oh what a fool am I… This morning taking a shower the pressure is not enough to even get the soap of my body.

So I think they lie. This is not to give better water, it is to force us to save water, nothing else. I will monitor this closely and check with my neighbors if they have the same experience from this, cause this is not how to live 2023. And yes, I blame Greta.


Spotify past month (past 4 weeks).

So, then we are on our way

The Swedish selection to Eurovision started yesterday, at the same time as Norway and Spain had their finals. Both picked wrong songs so no success there.

The first 7 songs in Sweden did not make anyone happy either. Very weak, but I guess SVT want Loreen to win so badly they only picked OK songs, nothing that might compete with Loreen.

In any case, the only “schlager” was Eva & Ewa, and they also got the real entertainers award. The rest ended up looking like amateurs. And of course they ended last.

But we will see if there is any surprises down the line.

Next week I am away, but hopefully I might be able to post something here.



It’s tooooooo much shit going on in life at the moment, I can’t get the “oumpf” flowing in any kind of activities. Nothing is fun. I just want work to calm down and be fun again, water leaks in the apartment fixed and now costing me 3 x paychecks, finally be able to go to dentist again, the same for the eye doctor which must be done before the next 6 month control at the doctor and I want Loreen to fail in the Swedish Eurovision selection.

OK, look forward to this (if we all live that long).

Mylène Farmer 2023 tour