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TGIF again then

A blue sky TGIF, looks promising to be honest. Maybe some wine? Maybe not… We will see.

The Eurovision fan accounts this week published the Swedish ESC results, comparing jury votes and tele votes.

The 12, douze, comes from the jury votes. So now when the rules changed to only televotes in the semi finals I don’t think Sweden will end up as the powerhouse anymore. It might change in the future.

That said, let us check this weeks Friday to Friday, most played music the past week at Casa Björn, Chez moi or i min soffa.

Friday to Friday – Songs

Friday to Friday – Albums

Friday to Friday – Artist

So that’s it, have a nice TGIF now. And weekend.


Stats time

So time for the May 2023 Statistics.

May most streamed artists

And we go on with the most streamed albums, May 2023:

And maybe just for fun, the singers I am among the top listeners of, (Spotify streaming):

And of course on open Spotify you can find the “Most Played May 2023” playlist (Based on plays in my iTunes Player, not on Spotify streams).

Most Played May 2023 Open Spotify


TGIF & Eurovision

So, now we know the 26 songs in tomorrows Eurovision Final. Yesterdays semi turned out to be OK, even if the songs not going to leave a mark in the music history.

I managed to have 7 out of 10 from my own list, and 8 out of 10 from my predictions. OK, not as good as Semi 1, but not far from it. Even if I thought semi 2 might have been easier to guess.

Happy for Poland, Belgium and Austria, we will see them all in finals. A few songs turned out to be better live than as mp3, so my final list might be a bit changed. No huge changes though.

My yearly final PDF will be uploaded on this site tomorrow for you to be able to download it. I won’t send it out this year, if you don’t ask for it and send me your email.

But first yesterday:

And in the middle of the night EBU also released the running order for tomorrow, surprised though… Cause they have made some strange decisions.

With that, Happy TGIF and weekend


Time for semi 2

Not much more to add today to be honest, full day at work and then heading home for the second semi final in the Eurovision 2023. And this is the weak semi. More or less all songs from the first semi would have gone through to the final if they took part in semi 2. Apart from Poland and Austria none of this evenings songs is competitors to a top 10 result on Saturday.


So today we go

This evening it’s the first semi final in Liverpool and Sweden is in it, as well as all other favorites to win (if not a Big 5 country). So the main question will be, which favorite with fall through and make a worse result than expected.

One of my favorites, Azerbaijan, is unfortunately among the 5 not likely to pass to the finals. Surprise to me is the fact that the journalist vote placed them last in semi 1. It’s kind of a typical music journalist song so I guess it is the fan magazine people who is there, who vote like the fans, who managed that poor result.

Apart from that, it’s a fu***** mess to not be able to take days off this week, when for once, the Eurovision not the same week as one of the big Conferences at work. Usually always the same week. But instead work managed to press in a lot of meetings I can’t say I seriously need to take part of, but must do it.

So, let’s see tomorrow how happy I am, or not.

Here are my views on the ESC songs this year, again…


Not much of a TGIF

Rain, wind, some hypertension and angina pectoris in combination with crystal disease kind of take the TGIF out of everything.

Also true, all test was fine, but still my heart do not feel 100% right now. Good test results or not. It can be a kidney stone coming as well, cause the blood pressure usually go up then and cause some minor pain.

We will see, we will see.

And to you all who still think 2022 years Eurovision not was political… Look at the countries where both jury and televoters placed Ukraine as no 1. All countries Russia have said might be next…