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Stats time

So time for the May 2023 Statistics.

May most streamed artists

And we go on with the most streamed albums, May 2023:

And maybe just for fun, the singers I am among the top listeners of, (Spotify streaming):

And of course on open Spotify you can find the “Most Played May 2023” playlist (Based on plays in my iTunes Player, not on Spotify streams).

Most Played May 2023 Open Spotify


A weekend just faded away

Back to work, French kids back to school, so more cars, more people and more car horns all over Paris, needed or not… Make a sound. My new invention idea is to connect the car horn to a very strong electric shock so people only use their horns when it’s needed. Not just when someone else doing what in their minds is wrong. Like break when it’s a red light. So more electricity to make people change their behavior.

The weekend also meant the last heat before the final at Melodifestivalen 2023. And even if it feels like the result already 100% decided, with a win for Loreen, traditionally I watched the 5th heat, the so called “2nd chance”. The 2nd Chance is where songs already being knocked out of the competition compete to go to the final. Like a loosers club. So it’s not very exciting, none of them will win at the end, some might place better than 7 on the night of the final.

But we at least have the running order for the final race now on Saturday.

Startlist of Melodifestivalen final 2023 11th of March.

Who is your favorite before the show? Is it Loreen, or do you think like me? The song is amazing when you watch the performance, but listen to it without the “show” is painfully beige. Nothing special, sound like “Euphoria” Pt.2 and if the competition was a radio show whe would never be such a high favorite.

But among the songs that passed to the final not many can be looked at as a good entry for Sweden in Eurovision in May. Her biggest competition is Maria Sur and Marcus & Martinus, Maria Sur cause the teary backstory and Marcus & Martinus since every teenaged girl in Sweden will sit an vote as maniacs on the night of the Final.

Me? Still hope Nordman.


And the answer on todays question is?

“It’s unacceptable!” – So whats the question you might ask? Todays degrees with a question mark is enough. -1?

So lets jump on to something else. My current standing among the ESC songs released so far:

My current standing among the ESC songs. So many more songs to come, and changes will happen until May, so it’s not really saying that much.

More close in time is the Semifinal at Melodifestivalen, now on Saturday. I don’t think much will change there… What can someone do to change their act that much?

Melodifestivalen 2023, Björns current votes

Enjoy your day, and remember that tomorrow we enter March, so it’s time to make your budget for the upcoming month.


So, heat 4 over

Heat 4 included Loreen, Mariette and a crazy activist crashing the scene to protest against the climate changes… Seriously?

And now the crazy news, I did not hate Loreens or Mariettes songs, Loreens number was actually really nice. The song a bit lame in the chorus but visual… Amazing. So I will not hate to send her to ESC even if its not my number one choice in the finals.

So with that, Good night Sunday and let us sleep well.

The upcoming week is tough week, back to the diet.


So, then we are on our way

The Swedish selection to Eurovision started yesterday, at the same time as Norway and Spain had their finals. Both picked wrong songs so no success there.

The first 7 songs in Sweden did not make anyone happy either. Very weak, but I guess SVT want Loreen to win so badly they only picked OK songs, nothing that might compete with Loreen.

In any case, the only “schlager” was Eva & Ewa, and they also got the real entertainers award. The rest ended up looking like amateurs. And of course they ended last.

But we will see if there is any surprises down the line.

Next week I am away, but hopefully I might be able to post something here.


Yesterdays battle

Melodifestivalen is over for this year, and I can’t be disappointed. My top three ended top three, Cornelia, Anders Bagge and Medina. Cornelia won the jury votes and Anders Bagge the popular votes, but not with enough to be the winner at the end.

So… I am sure Sweden will do very very well in Turin in May, top 5 is not to be over optimistic.

But most of all I am happy that Klara Hammarström and Tone Sekelius actually failed. But now SVT need to look at the voting system for next year, a jury group with three year olds is not even sane, it is stupid.

Beside all that I try to prepare and get some kind of enthusiasm to go to Belgium tomorrow and visit a new work partner, so called on site visit. Right now I can’t find it to be honest… The “YES!” inside me. Mainly cause I miss one gym day the week before my medical.

Take care


Sweden / France

So, second chance contest in Sweden this Saturday, when all the losers from the semifinals team up to complete the final start field for the final of the Melodifestivalen 2022. Too pick the Swedish entry to the Eurovision.

Tonight France also make their pick, so TV evening, from 20h00 to 23h00.

But, also, got an email from FNAC today that season 22 of Midsomer murders is out so I went to FNAC (after laundry and workout), and that was a mistake. Cause I also found out that “Murder in Paradise” have a new season out. Got way more expensive than I thought.

Let’s talk Eurovision entries tomorrow


I’m sorry

But for real, when you can’t bring some force into a blog post about the Swedish Eurovision selection it is bad… And seriously, how is it even possible to have a jury group “3 to 9 years old” – “3”???? Looking at colors and if they have a teddy bear on stage or what?

No I need to breath before I can get into it this year. Cornelia still the best song passing through so far. 2 more weeks of new songs and then the second chance before we have the final.

More interesting what happens in other countries, but I will come to that later on, hopefully this week.


Ha det,


Not a word from me about Mello

No, I actually still in chock over what Sweden watched Saturday evening, the 5th of February. SVT usually really good on presenting a nice show, even if the songs turn out to be not all that.

But this Saturday… It’s live, but seriously, everything that could go wrong seems to have done so. Not even the new exciting (yes according to SVT new exciting) vote system failed, so back to the old “call your vote in”. And when they announced that the vote app is working again, it took 5 minutes before they said: Sorry, the app is down again.

And we know, from the past, that Melodifestivalen, more and more turn into a children show, but this year it’s more obvious than ever. And in all this my favorite actually made it to the final, Cornelia. I can promise you all that do not happen a lot.

On Corona pandemic side, while Scandinavia open up 100% and all restrictions will be scrapped, 9th of February for Sweden, France go on with Vaccine pass, and I am now not “vaccinated” in the eyes of the Government in France. And can’t take my 3rd dose until March 2022.

So, here are a selection of cases lately:

So, that is it for today


Early morning post

Surprise, surprise… Finally time to take a look at the most played music during 2021 – all caused by the fact that the card reader at the gym not worked this morning. Result? A line of frustrated testosterone in a line outside the gym, no one got in. Not even the cleaner have the PIN code to the door… How is that even possible?

So, back home and before logging in on the work computer a quick check at the music app and the already promised “most played 2021” lists.

Top 5 artists:

  1. Kylie Minogue
  2. Peter Wilson
  3. Steps
  4. Claudio Capéo
  5. Álvaro Soler

Top 5 Swedish:

  1. Molly Sandèn
  2. Benjamin Ingrosso
  3. Abba
  4. Arvingarna
  5. Miss Li

Top 5 albums:

  1. “Disco” – Kylie Minogue
  2. “Electricity” – Peter Wilson
  3. “Penso a te” – Claudio Capèo
  4. “Magia” – Álvaro Soler
  5. “Dom ska veta” – Molly Sandén

The 40 most played songs:

  1. “Real Groove” – Kylie Minogue
  2. “Celebrate you” – Kylie Minogue
  3. “L´ame dans l’eau (Simon LeSaint Remix) – Myléne Farmer
  4. “Latina” – Emma
  5. “Don´t shut me down” – Abba
  6. “I morgen er der også en dag” – Andreas Odbjerg
  7. “Magic” – Kylie Minogue
  8. “Spotlight” – Kylie Minogue
  9. “Te quiero” – Paulina Creola
  10. “One and one” – Peter Wilson feat Sean Smith
  11. “Hey lonely” – Kylie Minogue
  12. “Elita” – Gary Barlow, Michael Bublé & Sebastian Yatra
  13. “Tissues” – Teddy Failure
  14. “Tu t´en iras” – La Zarra
  15. “Leave before you love me” – Marshmello & Jonas Brothers
  16. “Balance ton quoi” – “Angéle
  17. “Haunted heart (David Harry remix edit) – Nicki French
  18. “Real Groove (Studio 2054 initial talk remix) – Kylie Minogue & Due Lipa
  19. “How could you do this to me” – Peter Wilson
  20. “L´ame dans l’eau (The avenger rework) – Myléne Farmer
  21. “Pas si loin” – Christophe Willem
  22. “Let it rain” – Peter Wilson
  23. “Några steg på botten” – Kikki Danielsson
  24. “I cry for you” – Peter Wilson
  25. “Tonight is the night” – McFly
  26. “In Spain we call it Soledad” – Rigoberta Bandini
  27. “Que rico fuera” – Ricky Martin & Paloma Mami
  28. “Teach me how to love” – Shawn Mendes
  29. “Let me know” – Mabel
  30. “Parc Fermé” – Biolay & Adé
  31. “Take me for a ride (Single mix) – Steps
  32. “Turn around and walk away” – Peter Wilson
  33. “Take my breath” – The Weeknd
  34. “Abajo” – Álvaro Estrella
  35. “Dina skor” – Alex Järvi
  36. “Everything” – Sebastian Walldén
  37. “Thunder in the night” – Peter Wilson
  38. “Forever can start tonight” – Peter Wilson
  39. “Shivers” – Ed Sheeran
  40. “Where does the DJ go?” – Kylie Minogue

So what about 2021? I find that ABBA did not have the impact I might have thought, the songs are there among the most played, but far from as much as I actually though.

10th place among most played artists, only one song among the most played top 40 and next one is “I still have faith in you” on place 93. But at the same time, the ABBA album was released late in 2021, so who knows, next year might still have songs from “Voyage” on the list.

Eurovision then? Here are the top 10 most played Eurovision songs, as well at the top 5 from Melodifestivalen (the Swedish selection).

Melodifestivalen 2021 top 5 (Most played):

  1. “Still young” – Charlotte Perrelli
  2. “Behöver inte dig idag” – Klara Hammarström
  3. “Tänker inte alls gå hem” – Arvingarna
  4. “Rena rama ding dong” – Eva Rydberg & Ewa Roos
  5. “Rich” – Julia Alfrida

Eurovision Song Contest 2021 top 10 (most played):

  1. “Fallen angel” – TIX (Norway)
  2. “Adrenalina” – Senhit & Flo Rida (San Marino)
  3. “Voila” – Barbara Pravi (France)
  4. “Discoteque” – The Roop (Lithuania)
  5. “Loco Loco” – Hurricane (Serbia)
  6. “El diablo” – Elena Tsagkrinou (Cyprus)
  7. “Tick Tock” – Albina (Croatia)
  8. “Sugar” – Natalia Gordienko (Moldova)
  9. “Ut av mörket” – TIX (Norway)
  10. “The lucky one” – Uku Suviste (Estonia)

So it’s wrapped up finally, maybe you find something new from the lists above, a song that will end up at your most played list 2022…

Now I have too rethink today, and put 60 minutes of gym somewhere during the day.