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Yesterday I woke up with an huge infection in one tooth, and after a day of pain and a swollen left side of the face I finally could leave work and get penicillin. So hopefully at least visual signed will give in. I actually look like I have 2 heads (or 3 if you are in that spectrum of puns), so facemask is actually very useful right now. Only at work I look like balloon.

But its also worrying, cause with infections like this, over and over, I do have to start the real work on the teeth thing, but seriously, try to get the quoted 9800 Euros from nothing. And I cant start and then stop in the middle so I really need to have the financial aspect covered and have not found any company specialized on loans for dental work here in France. I know there at least was in Sweden years ago.

And the bank, last resort maybe, but a bank loan here must be paid off in 7 years, I noticed that when I wanted to move my Swedish loan to France to save money from the currency conversion – but it actually did not lower my monthly cost cause the time for the amortization is shorter.

Se we will see…

To something more fun, I have now recovered 2015 – 2021 from my destroyed iTunes library. And now in 2014, which gave this top 10 of most played songs over the passed 7 days

With that, over and out, Björn

Surprise, Surprise

Browsing might sometimes surprise you. I looked at single covers of Dschinghis Khan today and all of a sudden:

A song I never heard with them. “Give me a sign” Hate when this happens, especially in the time of digital music, if its not out there you can’t find it.

So until then, some of the better songs from D.K.


A lot of music now

Not only a release from a friend of mine, Marc de Saint Vincent (see yesterdays post) from nowhere have Sonias albums from 1991 and 1993 been released on digital platforms. It’s amazing.

Sonia, might be most known from her PWL days, but she also released two not so famous albums, “Sonia” 1991 have it on vinyl and the album following her Eurovision Song Contest participation in 1993, an album on CD never released in Sweden.

Sonia was the first PWL artist in the Eurovision, followed in 2000 by the wonderful Nicki French.

So just months before Sonias new album, the first in a long time, her two albums not released on a digital platform until now is released. It’s a good time to be alive.

Take care


Some new music

My good friend Marc de Saint Vincent have now the premiere EP out on all digital platforms, iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music, Google Play, Traxsource and Apple Music. The name of the EP is “Dies Möbius” and I hope all you who read this add it to your playlists or buy and download it. On Swedish iTunes it was easier to search for the name of the EP instead of the Marcs name.

The music, far from the pop I usually like is actually perfect to put on and play while you lay down and want to unwind or relax, a bit of a perfect meditation background and very good in the specific genre.

Again, I hope you will give this EP a chance, and I hope to give a friend and very talented guy the support he well deserves.

Last working day this week

So this week is over for me, working wise, and I begin this blog post by asking my friends to go to this LINK to find more info on how France plan it’s lock up.

Not as clear as the Spanish “steps” (start with step 0, why?) but at least we know something, the 7th of May will be the date when we know if Paris is on the red list and stay in lock down or not. We are asked to work from home if possible. But not clear if it’s only in green or red zones only.

We will find out. At least I do not need a new prescription for pills the next 4 weeks so I manage on the health side.

Todays Eurovision Song Contest is 2010 from Norway, and I am puzzled. I remember the songs I really hated that year, but some of them actually not bad at all. Whilst some favorites is kind of “what?”, and so strange to watch a Eurovision finals without Sweden… But that was well deserved.

Keep it safe and watch an old ESC and share your views

(And on Friday the first of May my friend Marc De St Vincent will have a live stream at 16h00 playing some of his music, you can find all info and links on his Facebook page HERE


Use the 80s as a comfort blanket

In late 2019, when it was announced that the album “Heart first” will be released on 2020, I was among the first people to through myself on the website and order the CD. Cause this is a CD to own, not just to download. It’s my, over all times, favorite album and the old vinyl have sounded just like that, an old vinyl for ages.

And the CD arrived and a period of 80s music been like a comfort blanket, just cozy and on repeat. Re-discover, not only Hazell, but also other High Energy and PWL music.

The inner teenager kind of celebrates, it’s only a hairbrush and an mirror missing to put it all together.

Enjoy the 80s folks!


Arrived today

Sp finally the new issue of Classic Pop Magazine, the special edition on “The hit Factory”, PWL arrived.

Buying it I had no idea that I would received all four different covers but i did, so now there they are, all four of them.

And what made me most excited just brows fast through the magazine was to find out that there is a Dead or Alive 19 disc compilation “Sophisticated Boom Boxx” out there somewhere. How is it even possible to have missed that?


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Most played 2010 – 2019

So now it’s time to see what kind of music made my decade, 2010 – 2019…

Just let me say that I never would have guessed that my 80s idol Amanda Lear should end up with the most played song between 2010 and 2019. But there she is with “C´est la vie” – most likely cause it is one of the best pre-party songs ever recorded so she never left the playlists.

  1. C´est la vie – Amanda Lear
  2. Something in your eyes – Jenny Silver
  3. Agathe – Roberto Bellarosa
  4. Signed on my tattoo – Army of lovers feat Gravitonas
  5. Can’t take my eyes off you – Jimmy Somerville
  6. All about the bass – Maghan Trainor
  7. Aldrig, Aldrig – Andreas Lundstedt
  8. Story of a heart (7th heaven radio) – Steps
  9. The fire – Elin Bergman
  10. En una vida – Coral Segovia

The list of most played Swedish and French music 2010 – 2019 looks like this

And a quick look at the albums over 10 years then…

  1. Agustin Galiana – Agustin Galiana
  2. Veritas – Agnes
  3. A – Agnetha Fältskog
  4. Monkey Me – Myléne Farmer
  5. Tears on the dance floor – Steps
  6. Désobéissance – Myléne Farmer
  7. Ensemble – Kendji Girac
  8. Undressed – Kim Cesarion

So, maybe you find some new songs finding the once above on your streaming platform, if so let me know