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Green friends

No, this post is not about green friends, not from outer space or Greta-fans. Just wanted to use the photo.

But, a part of this post will be about the fact that on Friday Mylène release the concert tickets for the concerts in June 2023 (hard to say if you will be alive or even still living in Paris). 2 concerts in Paris. If you remember the former concert it sold out for two weeks almost at once. But… This time its a tour so maybe added cities and countries will take some of the pressure off the Paris concerts.

Myléne Farmer, Nevermore2023

But I will try to get a ticket, even if it will make me a very poor boy for the rest of the month… I also have to buy flight tickets to Stockholm over Halloween.



First, before talking about what happened yesterday with ABBA, Today it’s now 08h41 and I have 12.686 steps on my step counter, it’s 10.8 km, yes I feel very good about myself, even if it’s not Swedish at all.

What is Swedish is ABBA, and yesterday was the day when 5 million Swedes joined a lot of people around the world watching a YouTube channel. ABBA is back.

So what happened? Two new songs was presented, the “ABBA-tar” project was introduced, none of the two surprised anyone, been gossiping about that for weeks. BUT, what we knew before yesterday was the release of 4 new songs, so the surprise here was they recorded a new album, release November 2021.

About the show yesterday, the avatars, called “ABBA-tars”, looked scary, I’m still not onboard even if I get it, and when in London most likely will try to get tickets.

The two songs presented yesterday was a ballad I think reminded me a lot about ABBA ballads, will take a while before it stick in my mind. The uptempo song was a banger though, will be played a lot the upcoming months, for sure. And Swedish radio already repeat it over and over. Heard it twice before 6 o’clock this morning.

But overall the show felt very “Café Norrköping” (a so called café tv show, like a poor mans American late night talkshows), not as professional as I thought, very low key and all over the place. And when it ends with a view of a German ABBA fan crying over the new songs… Oh my God…

But I am happy that woke Björn Ulveaus not fell in the trap to write a “Hymn for Greta” or peace on earth, save the climate lyrics. It was a risk.

So bad show, good songs and we wait for the album. So I will get back to ABBA in a few months.

And we end with the current Covid situation in France.


Clear sky and ABBA Voyage

So, after two years of waiting for it the ABBA Voyage start today, the kick off is later today, ABBA VOYAGE

So what do we expect from this day? 2 new songs to be released, out of the promised 4 newly recorded ones. And most likely the opening date of the “avatar” concert (something I’m not that exited about, but maybe fun for the kids).

If I understand it the ABBA Concert avatar show will be a fixed scene in the UK, daily shows for 2 years before it moves to Stockholm Sweden, and I guess at Djurgården next to the ABBA museum – sounds logical, even if there is no room for it at the moment.

And 4 new ABBA songs, they are kind of 500 years old all of them so let us guess ballads… Maybe remixed by someone really famous? But it will be a joy to hear Agnetha again, and I hope she will record at least one more solo album soon, in Swedish!!! And a English version as bonus.

So that is what this day will be about. Work? Yes, I guess I will have some time for it…


TGIF-, Goal-, Covid- & Music Friday

Where to begin this Friday? I think I start with yesterdays celebration, sadly forgotten by the community. No parades, No Macron speech and not a word from the PM in Sweden… But I reached the goal, 365 days of workout. 365 days in a row! Goal, done! Prize? To allow myself, if needed, to have maximum 2 days of rest each week. Mainly Sundays to be honest.

365 days of work out, 365 days in a row.

With the celebrations done let me tell you of this strange morning. Friday mornings usually means a early rush hour, cause people want to go home early if they can. But today, not a car on the streets of Paris. It was so strange I actually started to think I missed out on a public holiday or something.

But I guess the reason is that “working one day from home” mainly is done on Fridays now. Which leads us to todays covid update.

So, we reach the end of this post, and I do that with some music. Still update my iTunes library after Apples decision to “delete” my tracking in iTunes. I have now tried to get as close as possible to how it was before my play count all was set to “0”. Still, after 8 months, still far from done. which gives strange “most played” charts. Not much “new” music there. I present you with the “last 7 days most played songs” & the “last 30 days most played songs”.

Passed 7 days most plays, my iTunes
Passed 30 days most played, August 2021, My iTunes

With that I give you TGIF, and let you all out to “behave”, and do it “bad”.


This is Pop

First of all I like to push for the Netflix series “This is Pop” – actually really good. And of course for people in France, who think I am strange, episode 3 about the Swedish music wonder.

Not only a fantastic story about the Cheiron studios in the 90s but also explains a lot why Swedes in social situations are plain Swedish and behave like we do. Even I got an epiphany from it.

But even more, the big news yesterday… Mylène Farmer will go on tour again. Ticket release in October 2021 for the shows in the summer 2023. So now my main goals will be to manage to buy tickets (only 2 shows advertised), and remember that 3 weeks of Mylène in 2019 sold out in a few hours (but then it was one venue for all Europe).

Even Geneva is on the tour plan so I guess I have to start to spread the world also for my colleagues in Switzerland. But back to the goals, get tickets (save the September paycheck to afford them) and stay alive until June 2023!

And also from yesterday, Financial Times, the UK reacted on the Governmental crisis in Sweden and did it in a very accurate way really…

But to be honest I have not seen the article in the Times, so I can’t verify it actually was in yesterdays edition. Why I’m not sure? Do a magazine like Financial Times misspell a name like this? Lofven? His name is Löfvèn – To not have 100% knowledge about å, ä and ö, I buy that, but when they write names they usually get things right…

In any case, true or not, it’s very accurate and true. But they missed the part to explain that his choice to bring the Green party in to the Government must be his mistake of a life time. It’s actually more them the Swedes want gone than Löfvèn (even if I am happy if both leaves). But he has a week to try to find a solution to stay and believe me they will try.



Yesterday I woke up with an huge infection in one tooth, and after a day of pain and a swollen left side of the face I finally could leave work and get penicillin. So hopefully at least visual signed will give in. I actually look like I have 2 heads (or 3 if you are in that spectrum of puns), so facemask is actually very useful right now. Only at work I look like balloon.

But its also worrying, cause with infections like this, over and over, I do have to start the real work on the teeth thing, but seriously, try to get the quoted 9800 Euros from nothing. And I cant start and then stop in the middle so I really need to have the financial aspect covered and have not found any company specialized on loans for dental work here in France. I know there at least was in Sweden years ago.

And the bank, last resort maybe, but a bank loan here must be paid off in 7 years, I noticed that when I wanted to move my Swedish loan to France to save money from the currency conversion – but it actually did not lower my monthly cost cause the time for the amortization is shorter.

Se we will see…

To something more fun, I have now recovered 2015 – 2021 from my destroyed iTunes library. And now in 2014, which gave this top 10 of most played songs over the passed 7 days

With that, over and out, Björn

Surprise, Surprise

Browsing might sometimes surprise you. I looked at single covers of Dschinghis Khan today and all of a sudden:

A song I never heard with them. “Give me a sign” Hate when this happens, especially in the time of digital music, if its not out there you can’t find it.

So until then, some of the better songs from D.K.


A lot of music now

Not only a release from a friend of mine, Marc de Saint Vincent (see yesterdays post) from nowhere have Sonias albums from 1991 and 1993 been released on digital platforms. It’s amazing.

Sonia, might be most known from her PWL days, but she also released two not so famous albums, “Sonia” 1991 have it on vinyl and the album following her Eurovision Song Contest participation in 1993, an album on CD never released in Sweden.

Sonia was the first PWL artist in the Eurovision, followed in 2000 by the wonderful Nicki French.

So just months before Sonias new album, the first in a long time, her two albums not released on a digital platform until now is released. It’s a good time to be alive.

Take care