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So here we go

A few days away from posting anything now, most cause I been travel, in work, and this time ended up in Amman in Jordan. And let me say it was kind of the last minutes for this trip. Upon arrival I was updated on the fact that from the 14th of March travellers from Germany, France, Spain and Italy won’t be able to enter into Jordan. All cause of Corona, and as you all know by now many countries have decided for lock downs, 100% or less.

So here you find Jordan March 2020 Gallery.

And for the fun of it….


So finally I got it…

Happy to have the day off today and managed to do the stuff I planned, and number one on the list was collecting my new passport so now I can go to beaches sipping umbrella drinks and enjoy the sun as well as travel around in work again.

Otherwise, not much to add apart from the release of the French entry to Eurovision by Tom Leeb. I don’t want to go there today but it will for sure be mentioned during the week.