Today, the same day that new Covid cases in France reach over 18.000, I am according to the French rules finally in full vaccinated. 14 days after jab 2. So… What will now happen? Knowing me, I most likely will catch Covid cause I am supposed to be as safe as possible. My reaction to the fact is that I am even more aware of the risk and overdo it in the opposite way.

That said, I can’t understand why wearing a mask feels much tougher now than it’s done in more than a year? I never experienced a “Can’t get air” feeling since the masks been introduced, but now I can hardly wear one for more than a few minutes before it feels like I’m drowning. The brain play us for sure.

Today is also the day of step 1 when it comes to the health pass, will be really interesting to see if the QR codes works or when I will be asked for the first time to present the code.

I also need to know when Carrefour will get more Kefir.

By the way, crazy Greta is obviously not popular in Switzerland, cause I think this is a Swiss vehicle.

The face of a crazy teenager

Keep up the good spirit and give me more days off, I am in need of sleep and new glasses – the project on my next day off.


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