Chaos in paradise

As you might know, a few of the first things you learn to say in foreign languages is how to swear and of course dirty words and sex talk. Not much use of the latter yesterday but my God what a perfect day to practice the first option, the swearing.

Already in the morning it was obvious to be a hell day for people in need of transport. Without any real reason behind it, the morning offered no transport at all. No reason behind it really since the demonstrations been planned to start late in the afternoon, but why not destroy the life for people as much as possible?

So, for the first time since the strike started in the beginning of December 2019 I faced the fact to walk all the way to work, not just some parts of it.

But then, the way back home… Seriously? OK, I accept to be walking but I do not accept, not even for a second, to be blocked from doing so at every F****** street corner with added heavy rain and a police force more confused than the people they are there to “protect”. Over and over I was told to go to the next street corner cause it was possible to pass there and reaching that point of the promised land being told to go back to the first place cause there it was possible to pass.

But I love the police man who was really tiered of it all and told the pedestrians trying to go home to enter into the Car Park and wait there cause at least it was dry.

After some search I finally found a small narrow street without any police blocking the way and was able to cross the demonstration path and I promise… If looks could kill the amount of protesters would be very reduces in numbers today. I think they actually was aware of it cause they stopped and let me through.

Not at all dry and looking as if I was a kitten thrown from a bridge but managed to survive I finally arrived home. And if there was any support for this strike before yesterday it is now completely gone. I can’t fight even if my life depends on it but in this case I will do an exception and gladly punch anyone telling me they are a part of this protest, right in the face. Stupid, stupid people.

Pictures from yesterday


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