And no, I’m not talking about Chilly White the singer. It’s just cold in the mornings now, and dark. I also understand I have a 5 minute slot to leave my home and have a almost no cars in the street ride, or too late and end up behind delivery trucks, bin collectors and criss crossing mopeds and motorcycles who cause the criss cross get stuck and block the bikelanes.

I’ve said it before, and do it again… IF there will be a serious accident involving moi, it will be with other bikers, mopeds, scooters or pedestrians – not likely a car. But as all over the globe… Why do people driving cars see the use of the blinker as a random tool to play with now and then?

Manufacturers should really put in a device that give a high ear hurting noise in the car if the driver not used the blinker before turning. Like an automatic punishment. And if it happens more than 10 times in a day, the motor shut down for 7 days.

Look at that idea “Decade for road safety”


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