Clear sky and ABBA Voyage

So, after two years of waiting for it the ABBA Voyage start today, the kick off is later today, ABBA VOYAGE

So what do we expect from this day? 2 new songs to be released, out of the promised 4 newly recorded ones. And most likely the opening date of the “avatar” concert (something I’m not that exited about, but maybe fun for the kids).

If I understand it the ABBA Concert avatar show will be a fixed scene in the UK, daily shows for 2 years before it moves to Stockholm Sweden, and I guess at Djurgården next to the ABBA museum – sounds logical, even if there is no room for it at the moment.

And 4 new ABBA songs, they are kind of 500 years old all of them so let us guess ballads… Maybe remixed by someone really famous? But it will be a joy to hear Agnetha again, and I hope she will record at least one more solo album soon, in Swedish!!! And a English version as bonus.

So that is what this day will be about. Work? Yes, I guess I will have some time for it…


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