Darker mornings – and the Religion of Eeyore

So, now we really there…

Now, when I wake up in the morning it is actually dark more or less until I leave for the bus and I really meet the morning light when I reach work (picture).

Working through my photo library from my years in Paris I notice that the sunlight situation more or less the same in late August, so also the change of the colors of the trees but it looks like the amount of degrees in the early morning is lower 2018. People actually dress like early winter days back in Stockholm. And today the bus had the heat on… Awful, it was like stepping into a pre-heated sauna.

But with a fantastic summer behind us we are most likely to suffer a cold and long winter, that is Ior’ism (Eeyoreism) the only “religion” I can sign off on. Winnie the Poohs donkey friend and his “it can only get worse” insight really is the only thing you can be sure of.

If a good thing is “10” you know that what will come after is a bad “20”. All good things happening in your life will hit you back times two. Knowing this, as Ior (Eeyore), you will never be disappointed in life and soon you will see you are ready to follow a cartoon donkey and his views on life, the glass in always half empty, after rain it comes more rain even if it might be sun for a second or two…

Björn (actually not a pessimist)

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