“day off”

So, I took a day off to do my 6 month health check up today, and it is a good thing really… Cause its always a lot to take in when you meet with the doctor, even if most is fine.

But, I got a certificate from my doctor today that I am in the risk for Corona so the best thing for me is to work from home even if France open up more, and that is fine. It mean I can work from home, only go in to office when I can’t do work at home – but the down side is that I kind of still is in lock down… I can’t go out and have coffee even if the cafés is open.

And the bad things, I have to loose 10 kg, I must do a new stress test and I must do some kind of work out each day. Not just fun…

But, waiting for my scheduled time today I did had a chance to take a coffee at a café close to where my doctor have his office and even if it was very windy it was nice to feel some kind of normal for a while.

Take care


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