Daylight saving

Day one of “Daylight saving” (Summer time, sommartid), the Metro is more or less empty… I guess not caused by people not knowing about the change of time this passed weekend… But if you can, you sleep “normal” hours until the day you have to be at work early in the morning.

If you know moi you know I hate summertime, it fu** up my normal hours. the natural inner clock telling you when to wake up and start to function. And it takes only 1 night without the alarm on before I’m back to the normal and every adjustment turns out to be wasted. One hour, and it takes three months before I am used to it.

And daylight saving is not even necessary, yes if your name not Greta of course and you can’t sleep caused by your inner demons and now don’t need any light on inside for a one more hour. Hopefully someone can give her a oil lamp as a present, and some stronger glasses (she might need them).

Also read that 60% of the grown up population in UK now been vaccinated, wow! “Normal life” – Soon in a country near you.


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