Death on the Nile

Agatha Christie, my without a doubt favorite mystery writer, wrote the original “Death of the Nile” in 1937 and is one of her best stories as well as an amazing film with Peter Ustinov as Hercule Poirot. The French… Oh I am so sorry, the Belgian detective. And now a second film is on it’s way signed Kenneth Branagh whom also made the new “Murder on the Orient express” a few years ago, also based on a book by Agatha Christie.

“Death on the Nile” is also one of my favorite films so I am a bit scared over the new one coming up, but I must say Branagh did a good job on the “Orient Express” film.

But for me it is a mystery that he kind of follow the stream of Christie films already made, and if so the next will be “The mirror cracked” impossible to be better than the film with Elisabeth Taylor.

A book, not yet made for the big screen is “They came to Baghdad”, a mystery penned by Agatha Christie and my favorite Christie book and could easy be made to a really good film. A script based on the film can be an action movie in style with “Bond” or “Mission Impossible”, it can be a thriller in the style of the new Christie films made by Branagh. The book is so intelligent written it is impossible to put it down before finishing it and I have always asked myself why it’s not been filmed. Maybe the reason is caused by the fact its not a Poirot or Marple book, but still. This is my tip to Kenneth Branagh, make a film!!!

Let’s see how the new “Death in the Nile” will stand compering to the former film. The cast looks great, both Jennifer Saunders and Dawn French is in it… Casted as two of the most amazing Christie characters. Looking forward to that.

Have a nice day, with todays French covid news


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