Easter Bunnies

They are out now, the bunnies of Paris. One of them made my stop for a while looking at a vase in the window of a glass boutique close to the Place de la Concorde. I have seen this blue vase on Favebook, over and over so it was nice to see it live. I also notices the price this time, EURO 4700 – Seriously, for a glass vase. Buy a vase at IKEA (5 minutes walk) and send the money to Ukraine instead.

And as we all guessed yesterday, Le Pen and Macron in a re-match. Might have been exciting if Macrons number went down in the first election. They did not. And I turned to be very surprised how humble Zammour was all of a sudden in his speech to the Nation after the election. Only 7% and he kind of took all upon himself and it all felt a bit Mea Culpa.. Only the whip missing.

But now it will soon be over.


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