Eeyore is well

As you can see from todays picture all the Eeyores are well and no stuffed animal been hurt during yesterdays photo shoot…

Today, it’s only Friday and my mind is set on Sunday, I have no idea why. But one thing for sure, the mystery of time is once again playing tricks with my mind. All free days pass like they been live creatures and their lives depending on it. While the week days, when I acyually have stuff to do working, never ends. How come?

In any case, more and more info is turning up on the internet of the opening of Paris after the lock down. One thing not mentioned in the info from work is that we need a signed document if we going to work. I have no idea how they will give us that. By email, send it by post? Not safe as long as we have no idea how the post will work the upcoming weeks. Still wait for the letters from Sweden sent soon a month ago.

Keep safe


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