What a Thursday, time kind of run pass me and all of a sudden the work day was over. I like days like that.

But I also noticed I forgot to write about the fever I experienced the night between Tuesday and Wednesday… As said before I had a vaccine shot earlier this week and I was aware of the pain you can feel in the muscle where they place the needle… And believe me it was painful. My ar just hanged there useless, 100% useless. And later I woke up swimming in sweat freezing like hell, so I wished I had read the downside of polio vaccine:

After the vaccine you can experience 38 – 39 degrees fever

So, now I have to wash sheets and pillows this weekend and with my heart condition, always warned if I get a fever Im not sure if the lack of telling me this before was a good decision from the Doctor….

But no Corona, maybe cause:

Have a nice evening


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