Swedish National day 6th of June

final countdown and national day

Today it’s the day before the Concert with Mylène as well as the Swedish National day, a national day without any purpose really. It is a “hittepå” (made up) National day and not even close to the Norwegian or French once.

The Swedish National day was created out of jealousy in 1983, you know: All other countries have a National day why don’t we?

So they took one bank holiday giving the Swedes a long weekend each year and moved it to the 6th of June (a day moving around in the calendar and only creates bridge days or take place on a Saturday or Sunday.

But it gives the Royal Family something to once a year so we don’t pay for them doing nothing. That’s nice of us.

But always remember that the real National day in the peoples minds is “Midsommarafton”.

But I put up the Swedish flag at my desk and wish all Swedes in France (or elsewhere) a nice National day and look forward to the concert tomorrow and try to forget the dentist today.


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